#475 Childhood Memories

We’re getting nostalgic this week and revisiting memories from childhood. 

55 Years Of Playschool by Tom Denham 

Play School has been inspiring children for 55 years, but what is the true winning factor that has helped it stand the test of time? Tom speaks with the early education team from Play School to find out why they take the time to explore enriching teaching points that have helped raise generations of Aussie kids.  

Music: Playschool Theme sourced from the ABC and additional music from Epidemic Sound. 


Pulling Out All The Stops by Hannah Pembroke 

Some kids dream of a playstation, some a mountain bike, some a dog, all Hannah wanted was a Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake. The fact that Hannah’s family lived on a tiny boat sailing around the world made this dream seem impossible. That was until Hannah’s tenth birthday when she finally figured out a way to get her dream Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake. 

Producer: Hannah Pembroke 

Sound Design: Ryan Pemberton

Music:  ‘Cran Ras’, ‘Gin Boheme’, ‘Lowball’, ‘Laisse Valse’ by Blue Dot Sessions 

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