#488 Healing Touch

This week on All The Best we’re exploring why we crave touch from each other and how that connection can be like a kind of therapy.

‘My Pre-COVID Cuddle’ by Lee Robinson

The lockdown rules last year left many feeling disconnected and devoid of physical contact. Now more than ever, some of us just want a hug.

Before COVID was a thing, Lee Robinson paid a visit to cuddle therapist Sarah Belle to explore the benefits of platonic touch in a 1-on-1 cuddle session.

This story was made as part of a series exploring Australians with interesting jobs, called Do Quit Your Day Job.

Producer: Lee Robinson

Supervising producer: Evrim Şen

Music: ‘Peacoat’, ‘Astrisx’, ‘Slimheart’ and ‘Diatom’ by Blue Dot Sessions

The Power Of Touch With Ms G by Jess Nitties 

Jess gives us a glimpse into the work of dermal therapist Geraldine Healy professionally known as Ms G Skinlife. Ms G highlights the power of connection through human touch and tells us about how she opens her doors to treat people with cancer for free each week. 

Producer: Jess Nitties

Music composed by Jess Nitties (pka Sparrows) @sparrowstunes


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