#1231 Sixth Sense


All the Best goes on a journey of dreams, spirits and intuition, through stories that can’t be explained away in everyday terms. The lessons of nature are learned the hard way along the Murray River; ancestral spirits guide one woman from her broken childhood to become a leader of Sydney’s Aboriginal community; and one young woman discovers the possibilities and perils of lucid dreams— with the help of a smartphone app.

Swim Deep Only in Water You Know
The Murray River flowing near Mungabareena, on the border of NSW and Victoria, is fast and dangerous. The visiting crowds tend to opt for the safer, stiller spots downstream. But Tim Bishop loved that spot. His Dad taught him how to read the river, and why he should cherish and fear it. Other kids weren’t lucky enough to receive the same education.

Produced by Tim Bishop.

Spirit Guide
Aunty Marlene Cummins grew up in the outback, where she learned about the spirits that would get her if she didn’t come home before dark, or didn’t get her homework done. When she moved to the city, those same ancestral spirits helped her through difficult times.

Produced by Belinda Lopez and Liam Knierim.
Edited by Belinda Lopez.
Music credits: ‘Aboriginal Land’ by Nadeena Dixon; ‘Beacon’ by Stiff Gins.

We all dream: but some of us do it loudly and openly, revealing our subconscious worries, hopes and desires to the world.  Steph Halbisch talks in her sleep, and she decided to take a very modern-day approach to a sleeping habit that has baffled us for centuries. She downloaded a sleep-monitoring app for her smartphone, and bed down for the night.

Produced by Rachel Fisher and Elle Stokes.

Presenter: Belinda Lopez, filling in for Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo and Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Jon Nagi

Music credit: ‘Yandool’ by Stiff Gins.