#1318 Radio with Pictures 1

All the Best sends this straight from the Sydney Opera House: a sonic adventure from Radio with Pictures. The theme is ‘Filling in the Blanks’, and this episode features a disorienting ride through earthquake-torn Japan; and an excerpt from ‘The Burial’, a haunting novel about one of Australia’s only female bushrangers.

The inaugural Radio With Pictures show Filing in the Blanks was performed on stage at the Sydney Opera House as part of the GRAPHIC festival on Sunday November 11 2012 and broadcast on FBi radio 94.5 fm, with images on digital radio thanks to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Digital Radio Project.

Radio with Pictures Producers: Gabriel Clark, Que Minh Luu and Eliza Sarlos.
Radio with Pictures Technical Production: Alex White.
Radio with Pictures Graphic Design: Brian Duong.
Radio with Pictures Host: Anna Burns.
Live Sound and Mix: Harvey O’Sullivan, Antonia Gauci and Alex White.

Disorient Express
Radio producer Jon Tjhia and comic artist Lachlan Conn travel on the Disorient Express to earthquake torn Japan, where language and communication become distorted through a clash of crisis and culture.

See the vodcast here.

Producer: Jon Tjhia
Pictures: Lachlan Conn
Sound Design: Jon Tjhia
Guest: Pepi Ronalds

The Burial
Courtney Collins’ debut novel, The Burial, presents the haunting tale one of Australia’s only female bush rangers Jesse Hickman. Here she collaborates with Graphic Artist Biddy Maroney to present the first chapter in this chilling story.

See the vodcast here.

Words: Courtney Collins
Pictures: Biddy Maroney
Sound Design: Luke Mynott
Vocals: Lillith Lane
Guitar: Sam Worrad

All the Best:
Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Music credit: ‘Somewhere We’ve Just Been’ by The Little Stevies.
Image credit: Biddy Maroney.