#315 Analogue


This week, we’re talking about old and new media. Past and present family traditions. Digital and analogue technology. So which way was better?

‘Imperfect tools’ by Daniel Semo

Music, podcasts, radio shows… almost everything we listen to these days is created, edited and shared digitally. Yet some artists, engineers, and technicians still choose to do things differently.

This is a story about analogue tape and the people who still use it.

Music: ‘Mount Beauty’ by Jen Cloher, ‘Shake It Off’ by Ryan Adams, Original music by Daniel Semo
Supervising Producer: Bec Fary

‘Getting sticky with it’ by Britta Jorgensen

The Sticky Institute in Melbourne describes itself as “ardent defenders of zine culture”. Run entirely by volunteers, Sticky has stocked over 12,000 zine titles since it opened in 2001 and is a place for zine-makers to hand-make and photocopy their zines.

Music: ‘Ask me now’ by Thelonious Monk

‘More than a meal’ by Samara Barr

These days, you’re more likely to find a recipe online than in the pages of a dusty cookbook, as more chefs and food writers turn to the internet to share their secrets. But are we losing something special?

Music: ‘And So Then’ by Lee Rosevere, ‘Theme’ and ‘LaBranche’ by Blue Dot Sessions
Supervising producing and editing help by Bec Fary

And thank you also to Salome Lines-Morison for our top story, chatting to her dad Ben Lines about getting offline and getting things done.

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