#398 Runs in the Family


It’s often not until we look back as adults that we recognise the passions we’ve inherited from our parents.

This week, Gina traces her lifelong love of cars back to the father she lost as a child, and Renee tries her best to nurture the creativity in her own children.

GTY409 by Allison Chan

‘The traffic’ is a common complaint about driving in Sydney. Gina has no problem with sitting in traffic. She actually likes it. And it’s not because she’s texting.

Produced by Allison Chan

Supervising producer: Ryan Pemberton

Music: ‘Moonglow’ by Podington Bear, ‘Arcade Dreams’ by The Midnight, ‘Moodswing’ by Podington Bear, ‘Boop’ by Podington Bear, ‘The Suburbs’ by Arcade Fire

Fill My Cup by Renee Imbeesi

Suddenly the world looks very different when you become a mother. There’s so much to explore with
your children and so much you want to show them – but at what cost?

Produced by Renee Imbesi

Supervising producer: Jordan Fennell

Thanks for the support from Sarah L’Estrange, Alex Price, Museums Victoria, Anoop Nair and Sam Loy.

This story includes excerpts from The museum, written by Susan Verde with art by Peter H.

Tiddalik is an Indigenous creation story found in many parts of Australia. The version in this
story belongs to the Gunnai Kurnai people of Gippsland.

Music: ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton John, ‘What about me’ by Moving Pictures, ‘Back to the Future’ by The Outatime Orchestra

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Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Episode Mix and Compile: Annais Gallo

Host: Maddy Macquine

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Image: Kat Grigg via Flickr