#1330 Sex, Drugs & Politics

Women with power, that’s the way we like it!

From local government to the world of competitive pole dancing, this episode takes you into the lives of two women and their careers in politics.  They work hard and fight hard to get things done.


Pole Position

Pole dancing champion Zahra Stardust, speaks with Liam Knierim about her move from a career in Law to Pole Dancing and her candidacy for the Sex Party.

Producer:  Liam Knierim

Sound Design:  Belinda Lopez

Music Credits:  I Touch Myself by The Divinyls & Closer by Nine Inch Nails


Tales of Sin & Virtue

Kathryn Bendall shares her story about being a member of local government and the trials and tribulations of a young family, a sick husband and a vengeful building inspector.  Did she have to bend the rules to get things done?  Maybe…just a little.  Kathryn joined All the Best and The Art of Storytelling at their live storytelling event, ‘Tales of Sin & Virtue’.

Technical Producer:  Antonia Gauci

Thanks to Tate Ryan and The Art of Storytelling for Co-Producing Tales of Sin & Virtue


Picture Credits:  J. Howard Miller


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1322 The Settlement

Redfern is a diverse inner-city suburb of Sydney, renowned for its strong Aboriginal community.  ‘The Block’ has been a hub of political activism with a vibrant community spirit, but in the last decade Redfern has seen huge changes because of it’s proximity to the city centre.  Housing prices have sky-rocketed and it seems like every week there is a new trendy cafe, restaurant or bar opening.  A lot of people have welcomed these changes but there are others who worry that the spirit of the old community is being lost.

‘The Settlement’, an old community building in the middle of Redfern, became the battleground for a neighbourhood dispute between the old and new.

This show was produced as part of Stories by Postcode, a local story telling initative run by All the Best, devised by Jesse Cox, and made possible with a grant from City of Sydney’s Local Community Grants program.

Producer & Presenter: Kate Montague

Producer’s Assistant: Caitlin Gibson and Miles Martigioni

Sound Engineer: Antonia Gauchi

Music Composer: Edwin Montgomery http://soundcloud.com/edwinmontgomery

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo




#1235 A Few of Our Favourite Things

All the Best casts its curious eye back on 2012 and shares a few of our favourite stories from the year. A former drug dealer and addict comes back from the brink; a surfer girl dares to be different in the 1970s, and a mother dancing on an old family video forms a lasting memory for her daughter.

Tony Hoang
From the south-western Sydney suburb of Cabrammatta, Tony Hoang tells us his story: it’s about drugs, power and redemption. This story was produced through the Become a Radio Pro training project with support from the Community Media Training Organisation. The  project was devised by Jesse Cox and Brigitte Dagg with Nicola Joseph.

Produced by Thuy Nguyen
Supervising Producer: Gina McKeon.

That Summer of ’75
Forget the TV series and the book: the real Puberty Blues started in the summer of 1975. Shé Hawkes was 14, and had begun doing something absolutely outrageous on the beach. Shé- a girl- had started to surf. It wasn’t something that the other surfers were going to let her get away with.

These days, Shé is a writer and academic: read her piece about women breaking into the surf culture of 1970s Australia, and a fictionalised version of her summer of ’75.

Interview, recording: Kate Montague
Edited by Belinda Lopez
Music credits: Room with a view (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0; Instrumental – Restoration (Dan Warren) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0; Instrumental – The Buddha (Dan Warren) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Remembering Mum
How to you get to know someone when they’re not around? Before social media, it was through sheer detective work – asking questions, looking at old photographs, reading anything they’ve written or left behind. In the case of her mother, Madelyne Cummings’ own search led her to discoveries she could treasure forever.

Written and read by Madelyne Cummings.
Produced by Que Minh Luu.
Original music by Jamieson Shaw.
Technical production by Antonia Gauci.

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo and Eliza Sarlos
Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Photo: ‘Raindrops on Roses’ by Jon Bragg

#1228 Great Expectations

The false starts, stumbles and humble beginnings of successful people before they ‘made it’. All the Best tells the early stories of foodies, fashionistas and… Germaine Greer. Long before The Female Eunuch sparked a feminist revolution, Germaine Greer was a frightened schoolgirl, surviving World War 2 in a dysfunctional family.

A Hunger to Make It
Nahji Chu today calls herself the ‘Queen of the Rice Paper Roll’, and runs a burgeoning group of restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. But back in 1978, she was called Nga Chu: the name featured on her refugee visa when she arrived in Australia, escaping the Pathet Laos Regime is Laos. From surviving refugee camps to defeating schoolyard bullies in Melbourne, Nahji shares her emotional, hilarious story.

Nahji Chu is featured in Urban Walkabout’s Revolutionary Minds photography exhibition, which opens Wednesday November 14th at Gaffa Gallery, in the Sydney CBD.

Produced by Kate Montague
Technical production by Antonia Gauchi.
Creative commons music credits: ‘Fall Moon’ by Buildings and Mountains; ‘The Buddha’ by Dan Warren; ‘The Turtle’ by Dan Warren

The Barbie and I
Gary Begeni is today a successful fashion designer. But when he was a kid, his passion for fashion was an undercover mission, involving theft, vandalism, and some very funny attempts to cover it all up.

Gary is also featured in Urban Walkabout’s Revolutionary Minds photography exhibition.

Produced by Kate Montague
Technical production by Antonia Gauchi.

Inventing Greer
Human beings have an inalienable right to invent themselves –Germaine Greer.
In 1940s Australia, a schoolgirl named Germaine Greer was terrified of fireworks, mistaking the loud bangs for the possibility that World War 2 had finally arrived on her suburban doorstep. As Greer tells All the Best, her formation as a professional trouble maker began with a problematic relationship with her parents, some early acts of defiance in the ‘awful’ 1950s, and surviving the intellectual warfare of Sydney’s Push counter-culture movement.

Interview and recording by Liam Knierm at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, organised by the St James Ethics’ Centre.
Edited by Belinda Lopez

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo, Eliza Sarlos, Jesse Cox.

Picture Credit: Urban Walkabout


#1217 Im Not There

The theme today on All the Best is taken from ‘Im Not There’ a film about Bob Dylan.  In the film six actors play six incarnations of Bob Dylan and today we have stories about shifting personalities, missing family and friends who seem real one moment and gone the next.  From Jasper who has 1 million imaginary friends, to a story about the discovery of a bag of memories and the attempt to get to know your mum.

My Imaginary Friends
Produced by Kate Montague
Sound engineer: Antonia Gauci

Meeting Mum
Written and read by Madelye Cummings
Original sound music and sound design by Jamieson Shaw
Supervising Producer: Que Minh Luu

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox

Picture credit: Jasper as home near Wagga


#1214 Guests

Guests – we’ve all been one, we’ve all had one and we’ve all subsequently gathered a few amusing – and often sordid – tales along the way. From the unwelcome, to the unexpected and from the unusual to the down-right crazy, guests can often prove to make life just a little more interesting. This week on All The Best, we will chronicle some of the more interesting sagas, such as couch-potato house mates, controversial cockatoos and all the goss from behind the walls of a 5 star hotel.

Behind the Scenes of 5 stars
Produced by Georgia Moodie

Shaggy Dog
Written and read by Fiona Wright
Original sound design and music by Jamieson Shaw
Produced by Jesse Cox
Sound Supervision by Que Minh Luu

Cockatoos of Darlinghurst
Produced by Catriona Menzies Pike
Audio engineer: Antonia Gauci

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox 


Christmas Special

This week we make our national debut on the Community Radio Network with All the Best’s Christmas Special.

Eliza brought her baby Arthur Plum and partner Alex White to chat about what Christmas traditions they will create for Arthur and whether Santa will exisit.  All the Best Contributor Julia Thomas and her brother Andy  popped in to talk about a Christmas lunch where they discovered they were colour blind, and Alex Kennet talks about the Christmas she kept carp in the bathtub.  We also had a couple of features:

Goblin Night
Produced by Madelyne Cummings
With help from Radio Pro mentor Adam Zwi
Original music and sound design by Andrew Simmons

Did you ever leave milk and cookies…or a scotch out for Santa?  Well for Madelyne, her childhood was also filled with the tale of the Christmas Goblin…created by her dad Billy so he could watch the football.

A Very Biker Christmas
Produced by Jesse Cox
Additional recordings by Zacha Rosen
Photos by Pilar Angon
Original music and sound design by Andrew Simmons

Bikers are tough right? But they also dress up as Santa Claus? And deliver presents? Jesse caught up with Animal and the Kings Cross Bikers and shatter a few myths about Bikers.

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Sound Supervisor: Que Minh Luu
Technical Prodcuer: Antonia Gaucci
Original Music: Andrew Simmons, Mysteries, Alyx Dennison

Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Kings Cross Biker Christmas Toy Run by Pilar


The Twilight Zone

Not Reading Twilight
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Anahí explains why she never read Twilight, despite her best intentions. When she first tried to read it, she was twelve. She’s sixteen now. It’s probably not going to happen. She’s a young woman of conviction.

Insomnia the Cat
Produced by Katerina Lebedev
Technical Production by Antonia Gauci

For most of us, night time is usually reserved for sleeping. But what about if you just couldn’t sleep during the twilight hours? The bedroom could become a place you start to dread.  In this story, young theatre-maker Fleur Kilpatrick talks to Katerina Lebedev about how she deals with extreme insomnia and the stigma attached to her inability to sleep.

Can a full moon make you crazy?
Produced by Gina McKeon

Have you ever had a friend, your mum, or even just a stranger, give you that look after you witness some strange behaviour and they say: “Must be a full moon, eh?” Sounds like a whole lotta hocus pocus, right? Well, this story, walks the line between exactly what’s fact and what’s fiction with a little help from local registered nurse Sophie Lewis.

A new life through dementia
Produced by Nancy Notzon

There are many stages of life that we pass through: birth; childhood; the dreaded teen years; your 20s and 30s; retirement; even death. Each phase kind of blossoms and then passes through a twilight to give way to the next. This is the story of one woman as she moves through a stage in her life that is marked by the intrusive grip of dementia.It is told by her daughter, Sharon Snir who explains how she lost and found her mother again, through dementia.

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Show Producer: Julia Wylie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Miles Martignoni


Life Aquatic

Introduction Soundscape produced by Rosi Tuck

I Love the Ocean
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau sailed around the world in his boat, ‘Calypso’ pionereering the art of Scuba diving in the forties and became a documentary film maker in the fifties. Wes Anderson became influenced by his works and based his film, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as a bit of a homage to Cousteau’s love of the world underneath the waves. Zacha Rosen spoke to Gerard Lavrut, who worked with Costeau and developed his own relationship with the ocean.

A War Worth Fighting For
Produced by Imogen Semmler
Technical Producer: Antonia Gauci

Imogen Semmler spoke to her friend Fiona McCuiag. Fiona has a passion for saving the animals, and about 3 years ago decided to change her career path and venture out helping the marine life on the Sea Shephard. Her story is all about living on the ship, and the experiences that come with fighting for what you believe in, out on the unforgiving open sea.

Killer Whale Diaries
Written and performed by Claudia O’Doherty

Normally a diary might uncover secret crushes or teenage angst, but what if it was written by someone working at a killer whale training facility in the middle of the ocean? Claudia O’Doherty tells the story

Jurgen Mueller
Produced by Lars Oscar Hedstrom

Altered Zones writer Daniel Gottlieb talked to Lars Oscar Hedstrom about Jurgen Muellers supposedly lost album, ‘Science of the Sea.’

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Grace Dalton
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Peter Cagnacci