#1714 Together, Alone

Inga identifies as Solo Poly, which kinda sounds like an oxymoron: someone who leads a life of polyamory, but one that is distinctly… solo. It’s the kind of thing she finds herself explaining over and over again to people outside of the poly community. How can you be alone and together at the same time?

This week, we’ve got four stories on the theme Together, Alone.

‘Pippi’ – by Beth Gibson

Unlikely alliances in the family household.

With thanks to David and Gaye, and music by Podington Bear.

‘Tatti’ by Pip Leason and Yehuda

Working three jobs and falling asleep at the dinner table, Tatti’s role in Yehuda’s life was defined by his absence.

Editing and sound design: Pip Leason. Supervising producer: Selena Shannon

Music: ‘Leaves’ by Nicholas Jaar

‘Ezzy’ by Eamonn Snow

Closure comes in strange and unexpected forms.

Music: ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd


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Image by Flickr Creative Commons user Roman Kruglov

#1637 On the other side of the glass

A controversial series of photographs by artist Arne Svenson has been the subject of much discussion lately.

In it, Svenson exhibits photos of his neighbours, images he captured without their consent through the windows of their New York apartments.

This is more than ethically ambiguous, it’s pretty straight up wrong. But it doesn’t discount our secret desire for voyeuristic access to another person’s life. Especially with people who feel so incredible close we could almost touch them. People who would be firmly in reach if it weren’t for some kind of glass barrier.

‘Fatherhood’ by Jake Cupitt

Jake grew up with a bit of a strained relationship with his dad, who had a tendency to make grand plans but never follow through. Jake didn’t see him as much of a role model, and this sole experience of a ‘father-son relationship’ left him confused and uncertain about the kind of father he might become one day. Or even what kind of man he would become.

As an adult, Jake searched for new role models, and came across a university lecturer he admired. It wasn’t long before Jake discovered they both shared something in common: barriers between themselves and their fathers.

This interview with William Verity is an excerpt from Jake Cupitt’s original audio series “Man of the hour”, you can find it and more of Jake’s work on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/jake-cupitt.

Music by Bensound

‘Display Lyfe’ by Lindsey Green

Two young performance artists, Nikki and Tamzen, have always been intrigued by the Instagram celebrities they follow religiously. But they were shocked when they discovered the glamorous lives they saw on their phone screens were not only fake, but entirely paid for by brands.

Nikki and Tamzen decided to stage an experiment to see how easy – or hard – life on the other side of their touch screens really was.

Photo: Benn Wood

Music: ‘Balti’ by Blue Dot Sessions 

Supervising Producer: Beth Gibson


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

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#1635 Keepsakes Part 2/2

Last week we heard stories from the keepsake makers, the archivists and the preservers of history, recorded live at our Melbourne listening party, Keepsakes. This week, we’ll hear from the second half of that event.

In this episode we’re looking at the magic in nostalgia and reflection when we look back at the things we’ve saved.

The stories we recorded at Keepsakes have been transformed into an an audio exhibition. if you’re in Melbourne, we’d love for you to pay Keepsakes a visit! The exhibition is running until the 19th of November (that’s next week!) at The Good Room, 390A Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Head to www.thefoundlingarchive.org.au for details.

‘King Plates’ by Michael Brydon

In Museums all over this country you can find many and varied king plates. They’re these necklaces with a big bit of scrap metal, ornately cut into the shape of a crescent and engraved with things like Bulgra – King of Arremutta, Billy Kelly – King of Broadwater. Most of the stories of these kings and queens are now lost to history, but Michael Brydon looks back and asks: what’s a king without a kingdom?

‘Lars the Archivist’ by Zacha Rosen

The East German secret police — the Stasi — collected a massive archive on so many of their own citizens and after German reunification, their archives were opened: if they had a file on you, you could read it. How much stranger would it be if you, yourself, were an archivist, and could read a nonconsensual archive of yourself? Lars Rutz knows.

This story first aired on Not What You Think; head to www.fbiradio.com/notwhatyouthink for more.

Music: ‘Together’ – The XX, ‘Brain Retractor’ – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton, Beth Gibson and Bec Fary

‘Bad Thoughts’ by Beth Gibson

When Beth Gibson thinks of herself as a kid, she remembers a dreamy, creative little girl. But recently she found her old diaries, and they were…. pretty angry. Okay, really angry. She decides to delve deep into the diaries and her past to figure out who she really was as a 10-year-old.

Music: ‘Bumble’ and ‘Trundle’ – Podington Bear

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

‘Brain Box’ by Cassandra Wright and Melissa Fletcher-Young

A wooden box, kept by six high school friends as a symbol of their friendship, and filled with letters to be later opened and shared with one another, now acts as an archive of their younger selves, containing the written thoughts and feelings of a group of girls that eventually grew apart. Cassie and Melissa take a look back on their formative years, and the keepsakes and traditions that made up a teenage friendship.

Music: ‘Under’ from the Flashback EP

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon/Caitlin Gibson

Presenter: Michael Brydon

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Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Episode Compiler: Bec Fary

#1621 Eating Elephants

Eating an elephant is a mammoth task, so how do you tackle it? Do you eat it bite by bite? Where do you start?

When faced with a problem that feels insurmountable, some people are drawn to odd strategies. So this week we’re playing two stories of strange solutions to strange problems.

‘Breaking point’ by Beth Gibson

Breaking a problem down into little pieces is timeless advice, but rarely is it interpreted literally. Melbourne producer Beth Gibson pays a visit to The Break Room to find out if therapy by smashing could be onto something.

Assistant producer: Lachy Moor
Music by Podington Bear

‘The House that Zamenhof Bulit’ by Hannah Ryan

If you’ve ever walked past Redfern station in Sydney, you might have seen a tall brick house nestled in among the terraces on Lawson St. It’s pretty inconspicuous, apart from the large letters on its facade spelling out two words: “ESPERANTO HOUSE”.

Like many other students heading towards the University of Sydney, Hannah Ryan had rushed passed this building on her way to class many times before, but never thought about what goes on inside. Little did she know it was a whole other world in there, a place we’re the Sydney Esperanto community meets to plot world peace.


Slack for iOS Upload

Edited by Selena Shannon
Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon
Music by Podington Bear
Image provided by Hannah Ryan


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Image by Flickr Creative Commons user wackystuff



#1613 Who would have thought?


This week, we’re telling stories of fear and trauma, but not the kind you would expect. Two tales about surprising connections that will make you think huh… who would have thought?

‘Holes’ by Beth Gibson

Picture lots of little holes. A handful of straws from above. Honeycomb. Petrified wood. Crumpets. Does the thought bother you?

If you find the image disturbing, you may belong to a group that calls themselves trypophobics. But is your unusual aversion… real?

Supervising producing by Caitlin Gibson

Music:  ‘Black Eyed Susan’ and ‘Dark Matter’ by Podington Bear, ‘Cylinder Eight’ by Chris Zabriskie.

‘They clap for me’ by Heidi Pett

Most people have traumatic memories of their high school drama productions. The embarrassment of an on stage kiss, or slapstick screw-up.

But at Miller Technology High School in Sydney’s West, the annual school play is actually part of their trauma counselling.

Music: ‘Tip top’ by Borneo

Image: Flickr creative commons user rich.tee

#1603 Ew, Gross

Whether it’s spiders, smelly feet, or maybe even Donald Trump that sets you off, we all know the feeling. Your stomach is churning, your heart is racing, your face is all screwed up and you just want to go: eeearrrghhhhhhh!!!!

Get your vomit bucket ready, because today on All the Best, we’re going feral.  Producer Beth Gibson looks at the various things that make us turn up our noses – and why.

Slurp (Heavens, No!)

For one of Beth’s friends, even reading the word is enough. Don’t get her started on the sound.

Music: Meetin’ & Movin’ by Merkel & Fritzemeier and Cylinder Eight by Chris Zabriskie

Swimming In Shit

When it comes to things that gross us out, there is hardly a better example than….poo. We poop almost every day, and yet we try to stay as far away from the stuff as possible. We flush it down, cover up the stench, and absolutely do not bring it up at the dinner table. But what if your job was to literally dive into the stuff?

Beth’s boyfriend hates tomatoes. Actually, Beth’s boyfriend is revolted by tomatoes. The little seeds, the slimy texture, the general vibe. But he’s making a real effort to overcome his disgust, and to that end has invited his friends around to squish them on him, while he attempts to perform a monologue. Oh yeah, and he’s going to try to eat one.

Music: Night Owl by Broke For Free

Pits on the internet

So far we’ve heard stories of disgust from the disgusted. So how does it feel to be the object of disgust? Beth talks to

Music: Afterglow by Podington Bear and Enthusiast by Tours
Episode producer: Beth Gibson

Supervising Producer: Bec Fary

EP: Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Aidan Molins

Episode image by flickr user Tony

Music: Sick Things – Alice Cooper

#1539 Intervention

Stories about the knife edge, the moment when you watch something unfold and decide whether or not to intervene.

Like Sand

A story from Melbourne, about a moment on a metropolitan train. A heads up that this story contains a description of domestic violence, so if that’s triggering for you, you can call 1800 RESPECT anytime.

Producer: Beth Gibson

The Leard Blockade

“I couldn’t think of anything similarly important that I could do while remaining in my comfort zone.” As bulldozers threaten to descend on a patch of forest in north west NSW, an unlikely resistance was born. Farmers and environmentalists joined forces with the traditional owners of the land, the Gomeroi people. They formed the first blockade against a coal mine in Australia’s history. This is a story about an ordinary guy from Adelaide, and the moment he decided to sell his furniture and move to a tent in a forest.

Producer: Nagida Clark

Back From The Dead

The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect has long been thought extinct. It grows up to 15cm long, and at one point had a large population on the volcanic island off the NSW coast. In 1918 a supply ship ran aground on the island, rats crawled ashore and had completely destroyed the stick insect population within two years. Everybody figured that was that. Then the 1960s, a group of climbers on Ball’s Pyramid -a great big skyscraper of rock jutting out of the ocean about 20km away – thought they found some. in 2013, Nicholas Carlisle was part of the scientific expedition sent to climb the pyramid and find out if that was true.

Producer: Heidi Pett

episode image: Flickr user Leard State Forest