#1810 The Long Weekend

What does Australia do over a four day weekend?

We’ll be sharing in a birthday celebration, Easter egg hunts, a belated Lunar New Year dinner and creative backseat antics on family road trips.

‘Are we there yet?’ by Jordan Fennell

We discover how Jordan and her family make it through a six-hour road trip.

‘We’re going on an Easter egg hunt’ by Britta Jorgensen

The Easter long weekend wouldn’t have been complete without an Easter egg hunt.

‘Made in a hurry’ by Zacha Rosen

We celebrate Passover and endure a character building exercise in the pursuit of a story.

Music: Ave Roma Sonatori Te Salutant by Armando Trovaioli, The Lutz Police Militia by Alexandre Desplat, Jálale [Instrumental]‎ by Mexican Institute of Sound

Thanks to Newtown Erskineville Anglican Church for letting Zacha cover their graveyard tour. Even though he lost all the tape.

A heartfelt thanks to Joseph Ware, Samantha Groth, Karishma Tanvi, Angela Moran, Martyn Reyes and Yvonne Lam for their recordings of their long weekend.

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Allison Chan

Victorian State Coordinator: Bec Fary

Host: Samantha Groth

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

SYN production manager: Jordan Fennell

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Image Unsplash CC: Forrest Cavale

Music: Losing You by Boy Pablo, The Weekend Bends by The Bon Scotts, Aourourou by Blue Dot Sessions, Gaena by Blue Dot Sessions, EMI Production Music

#1705 Repeated Collision


We’re dipping into our archives this week to bring you two stories of forces coming together, like a hard wooden cricket bat and a mouth full of baby teeth, or our first story, which takes place on the frontline of a battle between two passionate groups in duck hunting season.

‘Duck Season’ by Leona Hameed [repeat]

Every year on the same day, duck hunters and duck protectors face-off on a lake. It’s the opening day of duck hunting season, and neither group is leaving until they’ve got what they came for.

Originally broadcast in 2015.

Music: With Stars for Eyes by h+, Black Lake by Real Estate, Inner Lakes by North Hive and Submerging Blue Black by Podington Bear

‘Like Strawberries’ by Zacha Rosen [repeat]

The most important thing Michael owned, apart from his collection, was his toy cricket bat. Most parents would give their children a plastic one, but Michael’s mum and dad were completists. They’d very carefully looked for a replica ashes cricket bat. But, more importantly, it was made of some very hard wood.

This fiction piece was written and produced by Zacha Rosen.

Originally broadcast in 2015

Music: Hooghly Night Patrol by The Bombay Royale, Ewok feast/part of the tribe (medley) by John Williams, Nasty Sex by La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata, Suco de Tangerina  by Beastie Boys


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Vic state coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

SYN production manager: Beth Gibson

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Host: Jessica Hamilton

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

Image by creative commons user Sharyn Morrow

#1635 Keepsakes Part 2/2

Last week we heard stories from the keepsake makers, the archivists and the preservers of history, recorded live at our Melbourne listening party, Keepsakes. This week, we’ll hear from the second half of that event.

In this episode we’re looking at the magic in nostalgia and reflection when we look back at the things we’ve saved.

The stories we recorded at Keepsakes have been transformed into an an audio exhibition. if you’re in Melbourne, we’d love for you to pay Keepsakes a visit! The exhibition is running until the 19th of November (that’s next week!) at The Good Room, 390A Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Head to www.thefoundlingarchive.org.au for details.

‘King Plates’ by Michael Brydon

In Museums all over this country you can find many and varied king plates. They’re these necklaces with a big bit of scrap metal, ornately cut into the shape of a crescent and engraved with things like Bulgra – King of Arremutta, Billy Kelly – King of Broadwater. Most of the stories of these kings and queens are now lost to history, but Michael Brydon looks back and asks: what’s a king without a kingdom?

‘Lars the Archivist’ by Zacha Rosen

The East German secret police — the Stasi — collected a massive archive on so many of their own citizens and after German reunification, their archives were opened: if they had a file on you, you could read it. How much stranger would it be if you, yourself, were an archivist, and could read a nonconsensual archive of yourself? Lars Rutz knows.

This story first aired on Not What You Think; head to www.fbiradio.com/notwhatyouthink for more.

Music: ‘Together’ – The XX, ‘Brain Retractor’ – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton, Beth Gibson and Bec Fary

‘Bad Thoughts’ by Beth Gibson

When Beth Gibson thinks of herself as a kid, she remembers a dreamy, creative little girl. But recently she found her old diaries, and they were…. pretty angry. Okay, really angry. She decides to delve deep into the diaries and her past to figure out who she really was as a 10-year-old.

Music: ‘Bumble’ and ‘Trundle’ – Podington Bear

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

‘Brain Box’ by Cassandra Wright and Melissa Fletcher-Young

A wooden box, kept by six high school friends as a symbol of their friendship, and filled with letters to be later opened and shared with one another, now acts as an archive of their younger selves, containing the written thoughts and feelings of a group of girls that eventually grew apart. Cassie and Melissa take a look back on their formative years, and the keepsakes and traditions that made up a teenage friendship.

Music: ‘Under’ from the Flashback EP

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon/Caitlin Gibson

Presenter: Michael Brydon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Episode Compiler: Bec Fary

#1616 Our Strange Beliefs


Alternative opinions can make or break friendships. The big religious or political ones can be as divisive as your favourite song, or your feelings towards Jar Jar Binks. The pressure to explore, explain and justify our beliefs can make it easy to feel defined by the views we hold, especially if they deviate from the status quo.

In this episode of All The Best, we’re talking about strange beliefs and how they might feel out of place to some, but totally ordinary to others.


‘Sympathy for the Gungan’ by Zacha Rosen

Jar Jar Binks was seen as the worst character in the worst Star Wars film when the first of the prequel movies came out in the late nineties. But one little girl saw things very differently.

If you’re keen to go to Nat’s Labyrinth Ball on August 20th, 2016, get tickets here: http://www.factorytheatre.com.au/events/2016/08/20/labyrinth-masquerade-ball-2016

Music: Star Wars Episode 1 Soundtrack – ‘Jar Jar’s Introduction And The Swim To Otoh Gunga’, and Peter McConnel – ‘Manny and Meche’

‘Road to Sainthood’ by Ian Woolf and Tegan Nicholls

“I got a priest collar from a magic shop, and started getting invited to give agnostic blessings at housewarmings. I was in demand!”



Ian Woolf works as a science communicator, but what happens when this non-believer discovers he can become a church minister, online, for free?

Edited by Tegan Nicholls

Music: Miserere Mei Deus – W. A . Mozart (Performed by Kings College Choir), Flower Songs II Tranquil – Ross Edwards, Hallelujah Chorus – J. Handel (Performed by Royal Society Choir), Presto – O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne – L. V. Beethoven, Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley (JXL Remix), Supertzar – Black Sabbath

My Melbourne Manifesto by Made Stuchbery

When you look at politics up close it seems like it’s moving really fast: press release, soundbite, promise. But if you take a step back it’s still a long history of old, white men, Kings and Queens and ancient traditions and documents. This story is about one woman’s quest to get a glimpse of modern day marxism in Australia.

Supervising producing by Selena Shannon

Music: ‘Obvs’ by Jamie xx, ‘Gung Ho’ by Patti Smith, ‘Crosstalk’ by Kane, ‘I See Red’ by Split Enz.


Presenter: Michael Brydon

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Executive producer: Selena Shannon

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user istolethetv

#1609 Not Quite Mirror Image


All The Best is brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.

Do you ever think about how other people perceive you? How they interpret what you’re putting out into the world? Do you ever think about how different that interpretation might be from your own self perception?

In this episode we meet three people, each questioning the public’s perception of them, and trying to set the record straight.

Growing old as a lesbian by Zacha Rosen

Teresa Savage has spent her life not fitting in. And being awesome for it. She runs the website 55 Uppity, which is a site about “what older dykes and queers and lezzos wear and think and believe.” She fills us in.

This extract comes from our friends over at Not What You Think. If you like having your views of the world challenged, definitely check out this great little podcast.

Music: Impossible Girl #3 by Kim Bokebinder, Musica Poetica I: Gassenhauer by Carl Orff, Bad Girls by M.I.A. and You’re So Cool by Hans Zimmer

Luke from Lakemba by Caitlin Gibson

Luke Carman is a Western Sydney writer who sits outside of the hipster lit-crit, and rallies for an authentic Australian voice that is more reflective of ‘real’ – for lack of a better word- life Australia. In all its diversity, complexity, and discomfort.

In this short intro to Luke, he reads us an excerpt from his book ‘An Elegant Young Man’, set in the back seat of a taxi driving through Liverpool in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

Music: Beautiful waste by The Triffids

Who is Clara from Warringah? By Selena Shannon

Clara is 24 and a very normal young Sydney-sider. Except that last year she ran for parliament in the state election against Premier Mike Baird, notoriously Australia’s most popular politician. It was a move many people could not understand. This year, she has bigger fish to fry.

Music: Klara by Ólöf Arnalds

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user Ms L


Community Coordinator: Aidan Molins

Presenter: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon


Sea hitchhiking in Melbourne

Zacha Rosen at Oceans ApartIn 1970, Gabriel Salas had just finished his university studies in Chile and thought he’d try and hitchhike around South America. But what was meant to be your average graduate road trip turned into an adventure across the sea…

Take a listen to ‘Sea Hitchhiker’ recorded live at our Melbourne listening party, Oceans Apart:

This version of the story was narrated live by Zacha Rosen (pictured above, while Michael Brydon fixes the microphone). The story was produced by Zacha Rosen, and mixed for Oceans Apart by Bec Fary (pictured below, staring at waveforms on her laptop). Music credits: ‘Opening Doors’ by Jamie Evans, ‘El barzón’ by Los Amparito and ‘Spring Rain’ by Aaron Ximm.

‘Sea Hitchhiker’ was originally broadcast as part of #1221 Coast to Coast, and you can read more about Gabriel Salas and his expeditions in this blog post.

The week we performed Oceans Apart, we found out that Gabriel Salas has died. If you liked his story, there are a few things you can do in his memory. You could donate to the Red Cross, where Gabriel worked. He also helped organisations like it find water sources for vulnerable people all around the world. You could also visit the Ballina Maritime Museum, which has the sole surviving raft from the Las Balsas expedition on display.

And, as a one-time anarchist, he’d probably have liked you to visit your local anarchist bookshop for a browse.


#1533 Does That Ever Work For You

People who knock on your door asking you to change your religion, or to believe in the impending apocalypse. Infomercials. Pick up lines. Detox diets, click bait and pop up ads. There are things that people try again and again that you think would never work but they must sometimes, or surely people wouldn’t bother. Today on All The Best we’re asking: Does That Ever Work For You?


David Blumenstein is a Melbourne based cartoonist. On November 6 last year, he went down to St Kilda Pier to wait for Julien Blanc to arrive. Julien’s an American pro pick up artist and, when he tried to run workshops in Australia became the target of one of the most successful anti-PUA campaigns ever, collected around the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc. So successful that venue cancelled on him in the face of the outrage, and then he tried to hold the workshop on a boat. David sits down with our EP Heidi Pett to talk about his evening on a pier with pick up artists and protesters. You can get the comic book here

Produced by Heidi Pett


What does it mean when somebody you wanna date calls you mate? This story is from our mates (who we also probably wanna date) over at Private Parts, a brand new audio art project by Irit Pollak and Elin Andersson. They call it a collective memory bank that explores identity and perception from a gender perspective, and you can find them at partlyprivate.com and in iTunes. Go on.

Produced by Irit Pollak, Elin Andersson and Izzy Roberts-Orr

Music by The Twerps

The Dog Ate My Homework

There’s a program called Writing Workshop here in Sydney – they do workshops, on writing, for kids in school. It’s run by a guy called Bernard and  he’s got this great thing where if the kids miss a class, they have to write this totally outlandish excuse letter, telling the story of why they couldn’t make it. It probably works better than “the dog ate my homework”. We got them to come into the studio one Sunday and record them for us.

Thanks to all the kids who took part, Amy, age 12, Belle, age 16, Julia, age 18, Annalise, age 10

Produced by Zacha, age 38 & Lily, age 24

#1529 It All Ends In Death

So it’s all kind of cool when they give you an iPad in a museum and you think “Oh, I didn’t have to download something and maybe I could walk home with this except I think probably not”.

Except, that for two of our producers, Lynda and Zacha, this iPad got handed over at the Museum of Human Disease. It is a deeply disturbing and interesting place: body parts are literally everywhere. The catalogue on the iPad was a catalogue you could use to look up all the diseases, and case, histories that had belonged to each organ.

But as they kept perkily reading these histories, it slowly dawned on them that each of the histories were ending in death. The body parts were out. These stories were done. It all ended in death.

This week, they take All the Best co-host Pip Rasmussen back to the museum to demand some pertinent, and ominous, answers.


Death museum

Produced by Pip Rasmussen and Zacha Rosen


Death through the lens

Tim Page, a Vietnam War photographer, talks about facing death and literally being killed in war, only to be brought back to life. He has seen too much war and death through the lens of his camera, and tells Liam Knierim about the realities of death on the battle field.

Produced by Liam Knierim


Death in the bush

Produced by Selena Shannon


State Coordinators: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Sky Kirkham

Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Dallas Krentzel

#1525 Past in the Present

It’s easy to think of time as a continuum – what is done is done, what is past is past, the future holds only new stories and possibilities.
The problem with that is, it ignores all the detritus the past speckles through the present. What do sea shanties, a cassette player and a broken heart have in common? They’re all examples of the past crashing painfully, curiously, into the present.


Twelve Parties Without You

Written and produced by Zacha Rosen

Sound Design by David Goldschmidt

Performed by Bethany Atkinson-Quinton


Shall Go Back To Shanty Club

Produced by Danny Noonan


Music of the Rain

Written by Alison Earls

Production by Skye Kirkham

Music was ‘Scherzando, En Blanc et Noir for two pianos’ composed by Claude Debussy and performed by Sivan Silber and Gil Garburg. Thanks to the Jerusalem Music Centre Recordings for letting us to broadcast their recording.

This story was recorded as part of our collaboration with Writers Bloc.

Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: MrMark

#1523 ‘Limits’ – EWF Special

What happens when you send seven writers and seven producers to Docklands and force them to make a radio for a whole day? Well, it’s interesting.
All the Best teamed up with the Emerging Writers Festival to develop new stories on the theme ‘limits’ and this is what they created. We were at the city limits, on a time limit – it seemed fitting.
This episode features stories created on that day – a poem about the unluckiest man in history, a sci-fi tale set at the Docklands which may or may not be fiction, and the story of family pushed to their limits.
Two By Two
Written and produced by Georgia Symons and Michael Brydon
George Danton
Written and performed by Peter Salvatore Matthews
Produced by Zacha Rosen
Family Limits
Written and performed by Romy Durrant
Produced by Carly-Anne Kenneally
The Tropics
Written by Loni Jeffs
Produced by Emma Jensen
Coordinated by Izzy Roberts Orr and Jess O’Callaghan

Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Jes / Flickr

Music Credits: ‘Radio Gaga’ by Queen, ‘Docklands’ by Stevie Nicks

#1513 Things and Stuff

Do you have too much stuff? Clutter, collections, clothes, books, toys, old stuff, new stuff?

This week on All the Best we look at the complicated relationship humans have with the things they own. We meet a woman who left behind all her things and life in the city to live in the New South Wales bush for a year. We help people with an unmanageable amount of stuff pack their things away, and go buying with a vintage store owner who leans into the clutter, and the finds treasure in other hoarders’ cast-offs.


The Psychology of Hoarding 

I’m sure we’ve all had a friend who has excused their messy house by saying they’re a hoarder. And then you get there and there are a couple of magazines stacked on their coffee table, maybe a few too many chipped mugs in the kitchen. What makes these people different from the hoarders we see in the paper or on TV, the ones where bric a brac spills out the windows and onto the front lawn? Zacha Rosen asked his brother to explain. He was part of a task force that looks at hoarding as a mental illness.

Produced by Zacha Rosen

Music Credits: ‘Open/Avocado’ by Kim Boekbinder, ‘Anyone at All’ by Kim Boekbinder, ‘Paloma Negra’ by Lila Downs & Susanna Harp – , ‘Tirineni Tsitsiki’ by Lila Downs & Susanna Harp


When a Loved One Goes Over-Hoard

Some people have more trouble getting rid of their things. So much trouble that they hire some help.

Produced by Heidi Pett

Music credits: ‘Same Suburb, Different Park’ by Firekites


A Year Without Things

In 2010 Claire Dunn was living in the city with a job, a partner, and a life very removed from the wild. She left it all behind for a year to live without things, and the people she knew, deep in the New South Wales bush land. She told Jess O’Callaghan about her year without matches.

Produced by Jess O’Callaghan


Fat Helen’s

If you keep going down Chapel Street, past the designer stores, froyo bars and nail salons you’ll find an chaotic shop overflowing with vintage clothing, jewellery, paintings and bric a brac. Inside you’ll find owner Helen Round, equally as eclectic and colourful as her wears. Jess and Lily chatted to her about her obsession with collecting.

Produced by Lily King and Jess Fernandes


Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: rockandrollfreak

#1510 In A Day

A lot can happen in one day. Everything can change, or nothing can. Some days are special and some days are so completely ordinary that we can tell them apart from the others.

On one day this month, 24 hours at the beginning of March, we sent All the Best producers out in search of stories. They had only a day to find something to tell us on the radio – they learnt about kissing, about cooking, and growing older. And Michael interviewed a dragon.

Three Things I Learned About Kisses

Produced by Zacha Rosen


Produced by Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

This is 31

Produced by Amy Tsilemanis


Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Zacha Rosen





#1505 Baby Teeth

It’s wobbling, and you can’t help but push at it with your tongue, making it bend gum-ward so the gnarled roots scratch at the inside of your mouth. It’ll be out soon, and you’ll put it next to your pillow and wake up the next morning to find a single gold coin in it’s place.
You’ll be a little bit older each time it happens, and believe in fairies a little less.
This week on All the Best we’re telling stories of baby teeth – the way they mark time, mark money, and remind us of being young and excitable.
A Letter to My Milk Teeth
Made has a secret. She still have four baby teeth. Which is kinda weird. But she’s trying not to reject them, and instead embracing and celebrating her tiny weird teeth. She’s written them a letter.
Produced by Made Stuchbery
Like Strawberries
The most important thing Michael owned, apart from his collection, was his toy cricket bat. Most parents would give their children a plastic one, but Michael’s mum and dad were completists. They’d very carefully looked for a replica ashes cricket bat. But, more importantly, it was made of some very hard wood.
Written and produced by Zacha Rosen
The Mosquito
This episode isn’t just about the teeth in our mouth – it’s about the other things we shed as we grow up. In this story, a man swats a mosquito, and looks back at a moment from his childhood.
To hear more about our collaboration with Writers Bloc, and learn how to turn your own stories into radio, visit their website.
Written and performed by Ally Scale
Produced by Heidi Pett
With special thanks for Emma Koehn and Writers Bloc


Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image credit: Stephanie Sicore

#1435 In the End

Frank Herbert was an American Science Fiction writer who died in 1986 and he famously said ‘There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.’

But that place can be frustrating. You know that feeling of finishing a really good story? You’ve been living in this other world for so long that when you emerge it feels strange to be amongst real things. Sometimes it feels like a loss, there are no more pages to turn, no more episodes to watch, no more podcasts in your feed.

This week, All the Best explores what happens in the end. The end of a life, the end of a book, the end of something that’s taken you a long time.


The End at Seven Years of Age

All of us ask the question of what happens ‘In the end’ at some point. For some it happens earlier than others, and our reactions vary, depending on the answers we get, or how easily we can distract ourselves from the question. For one girl, the void on the other side loomed large and early, and sparked a premature existential crisis.

Written by Caitlin Doyle Marwick


If I Could

If I could bring back that man you loved with words, I would do that here. If I could curl his easy smile across the page, I would do that here. If I could spread his eyes in pencil lines, and not in photos, I would do that here. But since I can’t, and since they’re gone, I do this here.

Written and Produced by Zacha Rosen

Music credits: ‘How Do You Slow This Thing Down’  by The Gothic Archies, ‘6/8 War ‘ by Leftfield, ‘Doll’s Polyphony’ by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, ‘The Society of the Crossed Keys’ by Alexandre Desplat, ‘The Lutz Police Militia’ by Alexandre Desplat, ‘Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp’ by Alexandre Desplat


Book Ends

That feeling that you get at the end of a really good book? The mix of satisfaction and devestation that it’s all over? Jess wondered if authors get something similar. What’s it like when you finish writing a book, and emerge into the real world?

Thanks to the authors who spoke to us for this story.

A.S. Patric is the author of short story collections Las Vegas for Vegans and The Rattler and Other Stories and a novella, Bruno Kramzer. For this story we spoke about his first novel, Black Rock White City, which will be published in April 2015 by Transit Lounge.

 Nicole Hayes is the author of Young Adult novel The Whole of My World, published by Random House in 2013.

Produced by Jess O’Callaghan

Music credits: Johnny Ripper


Presenters:  Michael Brydon and Michaela Morgan

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: azrasta

#1429 Underground

In this episode, we’re going underground, with secrets, subcultures and subversive publishing. We meet River, one of the elusive Shoplifters of Tumblr, and hear stories of Oz Magazine from Jim Anderson.

The Shoplifters of Tumblr

The internet has meant that even the most underground of movements, most clandestine of activities, are now made to be shared and viewed and even favorited by strangers. This story is about a community enabled by the internet – The Shoplifters of Tumblr.

Produced by Avani Dias

Oz Magazine

In the late 1960s Jim Anderson was one of the editors of Oz Magazine – a title which he jokes has been the ‘hook that hanged me all these years’. The magazine is looked at as a sort of golden age for underground media, and counterculture in Australia and England. He sits down with producer Caitlin Gibson to talk us through some of the more

Produced by Caitlin Gibson

Presenters: Michaela Morgan and Michael Brydon

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: Romain Toornier 

#1426 How Are You Still Alive?

Today we’re asking: How Are You Still Alive? You’ll hear stories of near misses, close shaves and fortunate lives. People who were unlucky, and then lucky. People who throw themselves from high places, and kids who get lost in the wilderness. People who risked their lives just by being born.

If it wasn’t wild, I wouldn’t do it

You might already know about BASE jumping – it’s a sport where people jump from a fixed object – it’s like skydiving, except without a plane. To properly call yourself a BASE jumper, you need to jump from a building, antenna, span (like a bridge) and earth. Our Features EP Heidi Pett chats to Evan, who’s been obsessed with flying since he was a little kid, and at the age of 24 has done over 300 BASE jumps.

Produced by Heidi Pett

Ele’s Christmas

When Ele’s sister crashed the family car, she got in a lot of trouble. When Ele crashed it again, it was a different story.

Produced by Zacha Rosen

Sound Design and original music by Bryce Halliday

Birth Day

Tiger will be turning 25 soon. In this story he tells us about being born 15 weeks too early.

Produced by Tiger Webb

Music Credits: White Sheet Beach, by Fishing

The Wrong River

Tom Carew-Reid is constantly telling stories that end in his friends asking ‘how are you still alive’ Some of them are obviously exaggerated, some of them are probably true to the word, but all of them are full of near misses and heightened drama. His friend, Features Executive Producer Jess O’Callaghan, asked him about one of his favourite stories – about the time he jumped on a lilo and wandered through the New Zealand countryside.

Produced by Jess O’Callaghan

Music credits: ‘Driftwood’, ‘Lilac’ and ‘Fading Prospects’ by Podington Bear

Presenters: Michaela Morgan and Michael Brydon

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

 Image Credit: Al Hikes AZ

#1346 Summer Postcards

‘If you take 2 more steps, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for….

A little bit of magic.’


The Wormhole

There is a point at North Steyne where the cracks in the rock get bigger and more rugged.  This is the point where many head back believing there is nothing more to find.  But, if you take two more steps around the corner you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.  A little bit of magic.

Producer:  Pip Rasmussen

Other links:  http://instagram.com/p/dDomZWhTqv/


Bondi Beach

All the Best was invited to attend the book launch of ‘On Bondi Beach’ a series of personal stories about Bondi and how people relate to the beach.  Along the way we met one of the writers Demelza Marlin and talked to her about the research and discoveries they made whilst interviewing people.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Supervising Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Interviewee/ Voice Artists:  Demelza Marlin, Michael Catoin, Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak, Odile Le Clezio, Arky Michaels

Music Credits:  Okada S Cat 2 by Tim Jenkins

Other links:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnBondiBeach/

You can purchase the book through Australian Scholarly Press http://www.scholarly.info/book/360/


Kings Cross Fatale

Kings Cross has an interesting past full of characters, scandals and significant moments.

This documentary takes you to the streets of Kings Cross to uncover it’s history.  Experience Kings Cross from 1910 on an audio adventure and let your imagination and senses be swept away.  Just immerse yourself in the sensory experience.

This story is part of a larger audio tour that you can take.  Download the sound (below) and wander through Bohemia.

Producer:  Natalie Penova

Music Credits:  Slidin Steps by C Mattone (MQ sound library ATMKITSCH)

References/ Archival Sound:  Stories and texts inspired by Pictorial History Kings Cross written by Anne-Maree Whitaker

The Glittering Mile, 1964 Documentary Film, David Low, Stations of the X http://www.youtube.com/user/bjmjdh,

Sydney Sidetracks http://www.abc.net.au/innovation/sidetracks/downloads.htm

Other links:  Audio Tour of Kings Cross in the early 20th century-  https://soundcloud.com/natalie-penova/kings-cross-fatale-2


Camel Connection

When you take the road to the heart of Australia who knows what you’ll find or who you’ll find it with.

This is the story of friendship, connection and camels.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Talent:  Alissa, Marcus and Lou McMaster

Music Credits:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme Song by Ennio Morricone

*Special thanks to Alyssa for her contribution.


Picture Credit:  Toby Hudson

Music Credit:  Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1345 …Vs The Establishment

What would you stand up and fight for?

Small Fry

‘ A warm man cannot understand a cold man’.

Barrister and Mediator Robin Margo was an activist during apartheid in South Africa.  He wanted to change the regime and fight for equality for all South Africans.  He campaigned alongside many passionate people.  However, it was an experience he shared with activist Steve Biko that has changed the way he now tries to relate to people.

Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Music Credits:  Delicate Particle Logic by Thomas Newman, Night Vision by Suzanne Vega, Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck, Sinnerman by Nina Simone, Crucify Your Mind by Sixto Rodriguez, Hidden in Snow by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Other links:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00xqj1n

Not on My Turf

Not on My Turf was created as part of the multi-platform storytelling installation Transform My Turf.  

Millers Point is in the heart of Sydney and is a richly diverse community.  The public housing tenants are currently under threat of losing their homes as the Government makes room for a new, wealthy community to move in.  This documentary shares the stories of the public housing residents who’ve been living in Millers Point for generations.

Producer’s:  Carly-Ann Keneally & Jordan Byron

Sound Designer:  Oliver Pieterse

Supervising Producer: Kate Montague

Interviewee’s:  Chad Ford, Bob and Barney, Col and Terry, Flo Secold, Quentin Dempster, Alex Greenwich and Ron.

*Quentin Dempster was interviewed as a resident of Millers Point and his views do not reflect those of the ABC.

Music Credits: Our House by Madness

Other links:  http://www.transformyourturf.org.au/

Picture Credit:  Transform My Turf – Jordan Bryon

Music Credit:  Fight the Power by Public Enemy

Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Belinda Lopez & Giordana Caputo

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1336 Glory Box


When you hear ‘Glory Box’ what do you think of? 

Come with us to explore alternatives to the traditional interpretation of  ‘Glory Box’.


Three Men & Two Boxes

Did you think glory boxes had gone out of fashion?  Did you think they were a thing of the past?

Traditionally glory boxes were used by women to collect things that they could then take with them into marriage.  But, it’s not just women who have glory boxes.

Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Music Credits:  El Microfono by Mexican Institute of Sound, The Mycroft Suite by Hans Zimmer, Up the Spout by Mateo Messina, Nakolela Cherie by Okapi Guitars,


Ashes to Ashes

Have you thought about what you want to happen to your body when you die?  Do you want to be buried or cremated?  Do you have any religious beliefs or rituals?  Or would you like to light up the sky while your loved ones  watch on?  This story looks at an alternative to the traditional methods of burial and saying goodbye.

Producer:  Natalie Penova

Music Credits: Harumi Accordian by Harumi Accordian, Velastrisx-Ambient Loading Screen Music_3 by Erokia, Elementary Wave 11 by Erokia


Time by Ursula Rucker

Ursula Rucker is a spoken word artist from the United States, who combines music, poetry, language, philosophy and beats to create original, powerful and moving work.


Music Credit:  Bachelorette by Tori Amos
Picture Credit:  Daisuke Tomiyasu

Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1334 Natural Composition


Nature has inspired Art since the beginning of time.

This episode we bring you stories inspired by nature and inspired for nature in the creation of music and art.  From the sensual mating of machines in the wild, to a musician’s love of permaculture, you’ll find an array of tales to provoke your imagination and senses.


Height of Passion by Tug Dumbly

Tug Dumbly is a writer, performer and poet, with a talent for language.  In this poem the miracle of nature unfolds before our ears as we are taken into the truly magical world of Jumbo Jets.

Playing for Permaculture

Charlie Mgee has hit the international scene as a singer/ songwriter performing at festivals all over the world.  What makes his work unique is his passion for permaculture and the environment.  This story leads you into the cool, fun and ethical world of Charlie Mgee and his music.

Producer:  Emily Woods

Music Credits:  Change by Charlie Mgee,  Small & Slow by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, No Such Thing as Waste by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, The Edge by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Small & Slow by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Oil by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Limits by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Yield by Formidable Vegetable Sound System

Other links:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSTFfKHJg4Y


How to Replace your Piano

‘Piano’s go missing all the time.’

But it’s not just the piano that’s missing.  Welcome to the music room where things are not as they seem.

Producer’s:  Zacha Rosen & Bryce Halliday

Writer & Narrator:  Zacha Rosen

Sound Design & Composition:  Bryce Halliday


Trees are People Too by Tug Dumbly



Picture Credit:  Moyan Brenn


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s: Gioradana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1333 Crossing Oceans

This episode we follow the stories of people who have crossed the ocean in search of a new home, a new beginning or adventure.   These stories will takes us from Africa to Australia, to Chile and Afghanistan.


From Africa, Home

Erin Rosenberg moved from South Africa with her family in 2005.   In this story she reflects on the challenges she faced establishing a new life in Melbourne and the love she has of her homeland South Africa.

Producer:   Erin Rosenberg

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Shosholoza by the Drakensberg Boys Choir, Arms of Steel by Freshlyground, Jump One by Romain B.


In Detention

Anjali Vishwanathan met Ahmad-Ali-Jafari in Villawood Detention Centre when she went to speak with detainees about their experiences.  They shared stories, food and laughter.  Earlier this year Ahmad passed away in detention after suffering from a heart attack at the age of 22.    This story is a personal reflection and tribute to Ahmad-Ali-Jafari.

Writer & Narrator:  Anjali Vishwanathan

Producer’s:  Zacha Rosen & Merran Winchester

Sound Design:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Loop Four by Seaworthy, Laceration by Kai Engel, Afghan Music Melody by Afghanistan Culture 09, Dil (A meaningful poem especially for Muslims) broadcast by Kashmala Ch.

Other Links:  http://overland.org.au/2013/08/eulogy-for-ahmad-ali-jafari/


Sea Hitchhiker

Zacha Rosen met Gabriel Salas to learn about his adventure crossing the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft.   As a Chilean National, Gabriel left his country looking for an adventure.  What was originally going to be a road trip through South America turned into a history making voyage across the Ocean.  However, when he arrived in Australia a new political regime had begun in Chile and he realised he couldn’t go home.  He became one of the first Chilean refugees in Australia.  And if it wasn’t enough to cross the Pacific Ocean once in a lifetime, he managed to do it twice.

Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Music Credits: Jupiter The Blue by gillicuddy, Opening Doors by Jamie Evans, El barzón by Los Amparito,  Spring Rain by Aaron Ximm, Skitzin by Shining Bird

Other Links:  http://allthebestradio.com/blog/sea-hitchhiker/

* This story was originally broadcast in September 2012.  To find out more about the story go to


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1305 Science Fiction Theatre

All the Best presents science fiction pulp in sound.  Extraterrestrial life forms arrive uninvited, space travel gets in the way of an intergalactic romance and a puppy trainer gets more than he bargained for when the dog starts talking back.

See Me After Class
Take a lonely dog trainer, a puppy school, and the most handsome talking golden retriever in the world and you have this tale (no pun intended) of hacking and high romance.

Written and read by Nick Coyle.
Produced by Que Minh Luu.
Sound design by Luke Mynott.

Living in a sharehouse presents the inevitable set of problems: dirty plates, loud music and unwelcome visitors of the extraterrestrial kind.

Read by Diane Wanasage
Written by Zacha Rosen.
Produced by Dominik Krupinksi and Zacha Rosen.
Music credits: ‘Bubble Lady’ by Camille; ‘My Freeze Ray’ from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog;’Entre dos Aguas’ by Paco de Lucia.

Garth Nix
All the Best hears from Garth Nix, an Australian science fiction and fantasy writer who believes science fiction can be more than pure fantasy. Garth also offers advice on writing science fiction.

Produced by Merran Winchester.
Sound effects sourced at http://www.grsites.com/archive/sounds/.

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Photo credit:  Jaci Lopes dos Santos
Music credit: ‘Zero G’ by Minus 8 (Science Fiction Jazz).


#1221 Coast to Coast

Stories ahoy! All the Best brings you intriguing tales from the high seas. A South American geologist’s rough-and-tumble journey on a raft to Australia leads to a life-changing encounter with Gough Whitlam. And, the real Puberty Blues: a young girl tries to join the blokey surf culture of the 1970s- but an initiation rite in the water goes terribly wrong.

That Summer of ’75
Forget the TV series and the book: the real Puberty Blues started in the summer of 1975. Shé Hawkes was 14, and had begun doing something absolutely outrageous on the beach. Shé- a girl- had started to surf. It wasn’t something that the other surfers were going to let her get away with.

These days, Shé is a writer and academic: read her piece about women breaking into the surf culture of 1970s Australia, and a fictionalised version of her summer of ’75.

Interview, recording: Kate Montague
Edited by Belinda Lopez
Music credits: Room with a view (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0; Instrumental – Restoration (Dan Warren) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0; Instrumental – The Buddha (Dan Warren) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Sea Hitchhiker
In 1970, Gabriel Salas had just finished his university studies in Chile and thought he’d try and hitchhike around South America. But what was meant to be your average graduate road trip turned into an adventure across the sea. It also led to a fateful meeting with Gough Whitlam, just as Chile turned from democracy to dictatorship.

See photos and read more about Gabriel’s Salas’ adventure in this blog post by Zacha Rosen.

Produced by Zacha Rosen
Music credits: Jupiter The Blue (gillicuddy) / CC BY-NC 3.0; Opening Doors (Jamie Evans) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0; El barzón (Los Amparito) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.5; Spring Rain (Aaron Ximm) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo, Eliza Sarlos, Jesse Cox

Picture Credit: Gabriel Salas’ La Balsa raft after being located and towed into Mooloolaba Boat Harbour, Mooloolaba on 5 November 1970. Courtesy of Heritage Library, Sunshine Coast Council
Music credit: Skitzin by Shining Bird. Free download here.

Sea Hitchhiker

Crew of La Balsa raft arriving at the Maroochy Shire Council Chambers after a parade through Currie Street, Nambour, 6 November 1970. Courtesy of Heritage Library, Sunshine Coast Council.

The story behind the Sea Hitchhiker, featured in #1221 Coast to Coast.
By Zacha Rosen

Gabriel Salas’ expeditions are a pretty involved subject. Here is some extra background and links to read if his expedition catches your fancy:

Gabriel was involved in two expeditions. The first was La Balsa (‘the raft’) in 1970. This first sail went from Guayaquil to Mooloolaba in one raft, with four crew. Its sail was designed specifically for the voyage by Salvador Dali. The second expedition was Las Balsas (‘the rafts’) in 1973. It went from Guayaquil to Ballina. There were three rafts, with four people per raft, for a total of twelve crew.

Explorer Thor Heyerdahl had previously lead a famous 1947 raft expedition called The Kon-Tiki Expedition across the pacific. The idea was to show that Polynesia could have been peopled by rafts from South America. Gabriel’s expedition was trying to prove something similar. In Oslo, there’s a swish museum with Heyerdahl’s reconstructed raft, Kon-Tiki.

A raft from the second, Las Balsas expedition — the raft Gabriel captained, named Aztlan — is on display at a museum staffed by dedicated volunteers in Ballina, the Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum. Gabriel said during the interview that he wishes that this museum was as well-funded as its Oslo counterpart. You can help preserve Aztlan by retelling the story of the expedition, visiting the museum or being a generous millionaire with money to burn.

A replica of the raft from the first expedition can also be seen at the Cantabrian Maritime Museum in Santander, Spain. There are a pair of photos by Joaquín Camacho on Flickr. Vital wrote a book about the first expedition called La Balsa. There are some copies available to borrow in council and uni libraries around Sydney. (It doesn’t cover a lot of the incidents in this account of Gabriel’s version of the story, but there’s a bookful of other adventures.)

You can read an article on each of the arrivals on the National Library’s Trove site. Both the 1970 article, and the 1973 one, are from the Australian Women’s Weekly. (As you can see from the articles, the magazine had a pretty different vibe in the 70s.)

La Balsa crew members relaxing in the raft cabin. Courtesy of Heritage Library, Sunshine Coast Council.


From Ecuador to Mooloolaba!Australian Women’s Weekly, November 25, 1970. p.8

Rafts Cross Pacific’, Australian Women’s Weekly. December 5, 1973 p.8

4-man Raft Sails Ecuador-australia . St. Petersburg Times – Nov 6, 1970 – St. Petersburg Times – Google News Archive Search

Pacific Adventurers Rescued . The Montreal Gazette – Nov 5, 1970

Two Montrealers End Pacific Saga . – The Montreal Gazette

Las balsas – The Milwaukee Sentinel

Australians ask proof of La Balsa crossing

8500 mile raft voyage repeat planned – The Sydney Morning Herald

Las Balsas – By David Jones – Queensland Maritime Museum

A nostalgic return

Aztlan and the Amazing trans-Pacific Sail

Another, 1993(?) raft expedition from South America. (NPR)

#1216 24 Hour Challenge

This week we set our contributors a challenge. Make a radio story in 24 hours. The day we picked was Sunday August 5.  The time to begin midday.

Windsurfing under the flightpath
Produced by Miles Martingoni

For as long as he can remember, Miles’s father has been trying to drag him out onto the water. Sailing, fishing, swimming… anything that meant getting out onto any beach, lake or river… well recently his dad started doing something different… and we thought it was the perfect thing to capture for our recording day….

Trawling the Vic Markets
Produced by Madeline Rebbechi

I am number 132

Produced by Zacha Rosen
All around the country, on any given afternoon, groups of people get together. They want to work out how to change the world. And on the day we made this there was a meeting in Sydney of mexicans about a movement called ‘I am 132’ – Zacha went along

The Accidental Busker
Tess Lawley

Countrylink to Port Macquarie
Produced  by Jess O’Callaghan

Pie Suit Memories
Produced by Lucie Bell

Breaking the Fast
Produced by Georgie Moodie

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Technical Producer: Damian Enemark 

Picture credit: Lucie Bell in her pie suit circa 1990s

#1203 Urban Jungle

Welcome to the Urban Jungle. We’ve got stories of getting lost in the labyrinths of Sydneys most infamous buildings, getting bitten by a Scorpion and searching for red ballet shoes in city streets.

Shoes on Powerlines
Produced by Lucie Bell

The Scorpion
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Robert of Northcott
Produced by Jesse Cox with Que Minh Luu

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Sound Supervisor: Que Minh Luu
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Miles Martignoni


Christmas Special

This week we make our national debut on the Community Radio Network with All the Best’s Christmas Special.

Eliza brought her baby Arthur Plum and partner Alex White to chat about what Christmas traditions they will create for Arthur and whether Santa will exisit.  All the Best Contributor Julia Thomas and her brother Andy  popped in to talk about a Christmas lunch where they discovered they were colour blind, and Alex Kennet talks about the Christmas she kept carp in the bathtub.  We also had a couple of features:

Goblin Night
Produced by Madelyne Cummings
With help from Radio Pro mentor Adam Zwi
Original music and sound design by Andrew Simmons

Did you ever leave milk and cookies…or a scotch out for Santa?  Well for Madelyne, her childhood was also filled with the tale of the Christmas Goblin…created by her dad Billy so he could watch the football.

A Very Biker Christmas
Produced by Jesse Cox
Additional recordings by Zacha Rosen
Photos by Pilar Angon
Original music and sound design by Andrew Simmons

Bikers are tough right? But they also dress up as Santa Claus? And deliver presents? Jesse caught up with Animal and the Kings Cross Bikers and shatter a few myths about Bikers.

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Sound Supervisor: Que Minh Luu
Technical Prodcuer: Antonia Gaucci
Original Music: Andrew Simmons, Mysteries, Alyx Dennison

Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Kings Cross Biker Christmas Toy Run by Pilar


The Twilight Zone

Not Reading Twilight
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Anahí explains why she never read Twilight, despite her best intentions. When she first tried to read it, she was twelve. She’s sixteen now. It’s probably not going to happen. She’s a young woman of conviction.

Insomnia the Cat
Produced by Katerina Lebedev
Technical Production by Antonia Gauci

For most of us, night time is usually reserved for sleeping. But what about if you just couldn’t sleep during the twilight hours? The bedroom could become a place you start to dread.  In this story, young theatre-maker Fleur Kilpatrick talks to Katerina Lebedev about how she deals with extreme insomnia and the stigma attached to her inability to sleep.

Can a full moon make you crazy?
Produced by Gina McKeon

Have you ever had a friend, your mum, or even just a stranger, give you that look after you witness some strange behaviour and they say: “Must be a full moon, eh?” Sounds like a whole lotta hocus pocus, right? Well, this story, walks the line between exactly what’s fact and what’s fiction with a little help from local registered nurse Sophie Lewis.

A new life through dementia
Produced by Nancy Notzon

There are many stages of life that we pass through: birth; childhood; the dreaded teen years; your 20s and 30s; retirement; even death. Each phase kind of blossoms and then passes through a twilight to give way to the next. This is the story of one woman as she moves through a stage in her life that is marked by the intrusive grip of dementia.It is told by her daughter, Sharon Snir who explains how she lost and found her mother again, through dementia.

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Show Producer: Julia Wylie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Miles Martignoni



Guest presenter Jesse Cox begins the program talking to his Dad, a school principal about getting kidnapped by his Year 12 students.

Elcho Island
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Have you ever wanted to get out of Sydney? Get out of cities altogether and live — not just holiday — in remote Australia, with a remote community maybe, and do something useful way out there? One of our producers had a pair of friends who did just that. They went up into the Northern Territory to work, straight out of Uni. Zacha Rosen tells us about some of the thing that got learned up there, by his friends.

Taxi Lessons
Written and read by Miles O’neil
Original music and sound design by Jai Pine
Produced by Jesse Cox

Taxi drivers have long held the reputation of being more than just drivers – political commentators, poets, musicians – if you get a good driver you can pick up a few tips.  And we all have our taxi story we share at the pub – this next story is one of those taxi stories and it comes from Mile O’Neil. miles was leaving a party in Melbourne on a rainy night and caught a taxi ride where the driver decided to give him one of life’s most important lessons.

Wholehearted Living
Produced by Alexandra Kennett

Alex Kennet found a Kanesiologist, One Health directer Natalie Warehan, with a few lessons to share about living.

Presenter: Jesse Cox
Supervising Producer: Alex Storey
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox

Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos



Dear ATB Listener,

How are you?! We’re pretty good. Saturdays are always hectic.

As we type this letter, we have just aired this week’s show on FBi Radio. We started off by hearing from a sweet CWA lady – Kathleen T. Gable – whom Mel Braun homaged for her letter writing during WW2. It was “splendid”.

Our morning then took a less innocent turn, as a newer contributors, Mike Kermode, retold his friend’s hilarious customer complaint story regarding a pepper grinder… a very distinctly non-refillable pepper grinder.

The giggles then got a bit aggressive as a column by Sydney journalist Richard Glover – which was supposed to be satirical – took a turn for the worse. Many thanks to Sarah McVeigh for producing this story about the 1000s of hate mail letters he received in response to this article.

One of our own then broke in to narrative, with Brigitte Dagg talking about the letters she wrote home whilst travelling. We have a whole book of them – fifty pages worth – in our possession (blackmail potential!!) which Zacha Rosen found the best bits of Imogen Semmler to chat around.

As we type this letter, it reminds us that we rarely write hard copy letters anymore – and nothing was a starker reminder of this than a less convention penpal piece by Lucie Bell featuring vision impaired women Coral and her Japanese friend.

Braille machines and cassette tapes were then juxtaposed with something a little more commercial: a letter to Santa. Yes, ATB wrote our own letter, and he better bloody well respond when we send it off to him in the snail mail.

Speak soon! See you next week! Sayonara!
All The Best xxx
P.S. This week we farewell Imogen Semmler, thanks for all the fantastic fill in presenting.

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Emilia Terzon
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos


Life Aquatic

Introduction Soundscape produced by Rosi Tuck

I Love the Ocean
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau sailed around the world in his boat, ‘Calypso’ pionereering the art of Scuba diving in the forties and became a documentary film maker in the fifties. Wes Anderson became influenced by his works and based his film, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as a bit of a homage to Cousteau’s love of the world underneath the waves. Zacha Rosen spoke to Gerard Lavrut, who worked with Costeau and developed his own relationship with the ocean.

A War Worth Fighting For
Produced by Imogen Semmler
Technical Producer: Antonia Gauci

Imogen Semmler spoke to her friend Fiona McCuiag. Fiona has a passion for saving the animals, and about 3 years ago decided to change her career path and venture out helping the marine life on the Sea Shephard. Her story is all about living on the ship, and the experiences that come with fighting for what you believe in, out on the unforgiving open sea.

Killer Whale Diaries
Written and performed by Claudia O’Doherty

Normally a diary might uncover secret crushes or teenage angst, but what if it was written by someone working at a killer whale training facility in the middle of the ocean? Claudia O’Doherty tells the story

Jurgen Mueller
Produced by Lars Oscar Hedstrom

Altered Zones writer Daniel Gottlieb talked to Lars Oscar Hedstrom about Jurgen Muellers supposedly lost album, ‘Science of the Sea.’

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Grace Dalton
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Peter Cagnacci


Kid’s Promises
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Promise to Past
Produced by Alex Kennett

In this story we hear from Kat. Kat’s story is one of war and exodus of leaving her family and her culture to resettle in Australia. These experiences have led Kat to make some firm and unusual promises to her family, her religion and her culture but most of all to herself. Alexandra Kennett brings us Kat’s story.

In Loving Memory of Some Guy
Written and read by Zoe Norton Lodge

It seems like most promises we make are to our dearest and nearest…even if more often than not it’s the last thing we want to do. Next up we hear from Zoe Norton Lodge and the type of promise you just cant ever get out of…. This story was published as part of Seizure, a themed magazine for new writers seizureonline.com.

Promise to Baby
Produced by Sophia Mallam

There are times when promises aren’t so much made as…forced upon us. In our next story Sophie Mallam caught up with Sydney writer, Antonia Hayes, to talk about the hardest  promise she’s ever had to make.

Lord of the Leash
Written and read by Tom Ballard
Recorded live at ‘Stories of Kindness’ a night curated by Eddie Sharp at the Jurassic Lounge Sydney
Recorded and edited by Kate Ryan

So far today, we have heard about promises made to our self, to our faith and those we love. But what about those promises to be people we hardly know? What is it that makes us keep these?

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Alex Storey
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Peter Cagnacci