#1721 The Desert

On the highway down to Alice Springs there are very few places to stop and refuel. A couple of small towns, a few roadhouses.

But then you have Wycliffe Well.

This week All The Best is disappearing into the desert and bringing back stories from campfires, state borders and Alien themed roadhouses.


‘Red Sand Country’ by Joe Koning

Ali is a poet, living in her caravan in suburban Adelaide. She does not see her living situation as “a minimisation of life”, rather, she sees the caravan as a place of safety, somewhere to escape from a society that considers her as an other

Recently, Ali got a surprise announcement that she’d won Yale University’s prestigious Wyndham-Campbell literature prize. The prize is for $165,000 US.

Music: ‘Smoke’ by Shelda, ‘Love is Everywhere’ by Pharaoh Sanders, ‘Maid of the Moon’ by Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo
Supervising producer: Selena Shannon


‘Daddy Emu’ by May Jasper

This story takes us south, where three nineteen year old girls jump in a tiny car and drive longways across the country.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Emus, that’s what.)

Editor: Bec Fary
Music: ‘Just a Little Bit’ by Digger and the Pussycats (The Purple Hearts cover), ‘Australian Wasteland’ by Eva Shlegel, ‘Lies Lies Lies’ by The Stabs (The Chimney Sweeps cover)


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#1634 Keepsakes Part 1/2

Last month, the Melbourne collective of All The Best held their second ever listening party at the Good Room in Brunswick East. The night was called ‘Keepsakes’ and over the next two weeks we’ll bring you a selection of stories from the event. We’re diving into memories and the objects that remind us of who we used to be. In this episode, we’ve got stories from the keepsake makers, the archivists and the preservers of history.

‘The Old Tape Deck’ by Made Stuchbery

To set the scene for ‘Keepsakes’, Made Stuchbery looks at our favourite type of archivists, radio producers, and explores the way we use audio as a medium for memories.

Music: ‘Feather on the Clyde’ – Passenger (LTR remix)

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

‘A Klein Story’ by Lauren Klein

We don’t know how long we have to collect our family stories. People move away, people forget, and people die. Some families have lots of relatives to collect and share family stories, but for others, they’re on their own. Lauren Klein tries to preserve her family history for future generations of Kleins.

Music: ‘Memory Wind’ – Podington Bear, ‘Bleu’ – Komiku, ‘Discovery’ and ‘Treacherous Voyage’ – Jon Luc Hefferman

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

‘Slice & Dice’ by Rachael Dexter

A growing collective of people are ‘resurrecting’ the meticulous beauty and art of preserving animals. For Natalie Deleaney and her students, it’s far from working with the dead – it’s recreating life.

Music: ‘Alone in Love’ – Christopher Ashmore, ‘Chickens in the Yard’ – Chris Norton and Frank Mizen, ‘Travelling Circus’ – Bob Bradley, Adam Dennis and Chris Egan, and ‘Under My Skin’ – Frank Sinatra

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary

‘Syndesmica’ by May Jasper

Not every archive consists of paper and photographs. Some of them are full of dead insects under glass. May Jasper goes to the Specimen Room at Melbourne Museum searching for an obscure moth, and what she finds is an entomological mystery. Another version of this story is featured on May’s podcast, Random Article. Head to www.randomarticle.net for more.

Supervising producers: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton, Beth Gibson and Bec Fary

The stories we recorded at Keepsakes have been transformed into an an audio exhibition. if you’re in Melbourne, we’d love for you to pay Keepsakes a visit! The exhibition is running until the 19th of November at The Good Room, 390A Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Head to www.thefoundlingarchive.org.au for details.


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Presenter: Michael Brydon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

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Episode Compiler: Bec Fary and Tegan Nicholls

Image by Jon Tjhia

#1615 Call centres and glimpses of tragedy


Do you dread the thought of calling your internet service provider? Are you triggered by the butchered sound of Mozart’s Divertimento playing for hours on end as you wait for Centrelink to pick-up? Does an automated options menu repeating monotone instructions test your patience like nothing else? Then you probably know the feeling of a terrible, painful and usually unsatisfying call centre experience.

But despite the frustration you’ve felt inside, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to be on the other end of that call. Who are these invisible call centre workers? And what are they thinking while you yell and complain?

In a feature documentary for All The Best, May Jasper spoke to a bunch of call centre workers to find out one thing: what was their worst call?

Supervising producer: Bec Fary

Music: Mozart’s Divertimento


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

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Editing by Brittany Jezouit and Tegan Nicholls

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user Pandoraice

#1540 Oceans Apart

What does distance sound like? Today on All the Best, we’re crossing borders. We’re traversing long distances. We’re picking up signals from faraway.

Earlier this month, our Melbourne Collective hosted a listening party with stories and sounds about distance. On the show today, we’re hearing three stories from the night.

Ernesto Juan Castellanos

An excerpt from May Jasper’s soon­to­launch podcast, Random Article. May speaks to Cuban author, journalist and filmmaker Ernesto Juan Castellanos about how to be a hard­core music fan under a regime that sent pop underground.

Produced by May Jasper with sound design by Bec Fary. Music: ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles, ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd, ‘Baby Let Me Take You Home’ by The Animals, ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles and ‘Revolution 1’ By The Beatles.

The Yearn to Return

Can we stay connected to the places of our past? Made Stuchbery looks at nostalgia, and the pull of memory.

Produced by Made Stuchbery. Music: ‘Dark Water’ by Podington Bear and ‘Down By The River’ by Neil Young.

Gannet Migration

Maddy Macfarlane watches and listens to a group of gannets on their seasonal shift.

Produced by Maddy Macfarlane.

Oceans Apart was produced by the All the Best Melbourne Collective: Bethany Atkinson- Quinton, Michael Brydon and Bec Fary. The music at the very start of this episode was ‘Piano Froze Beat’ by Jai Leeworthy.

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