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#482 Chinatown

Australia has two of the oldest Chinatowns in the world. Due to COVID-19, the once busy streets have now become quiet, awaiting their revival. This week we have two stories about the past and present of Chinatowns in Sydney and Melbourne. Time Machine by Wing Kuang ...

#481 Boundless

This week, we’re excited to be bringing you a collection of stories, poems and songs performed live at Boundless Festival of Indigenous and Culturally Diverse writers. 

#480 Flowering Giants

This week, we have a story about the passion of people who are dedicated to saving some tall and beautiful trees.

#479 Light At The End of The Tunnel

This week’s stories are about finding meaning in darkness and seeking joy in things around us.

#478 Animal Sounds

This week we hear stories about animal sounds and interactions with nature, for better or worse!

#473 At The Tip Of My Tongue

Have you ever tried writing a bio with one sentence? Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right word to describe yourself. This week, we’re sharing two stories about languages, identity and home.

#472 Home To Heal

With each sunrise comes light breaking through the darkness. This week’s stories are about destruction, devastation and darkness but also the healing that comes after.

#471 Fourteen Days

Coming home to Australia from Japan on one of the few international flights that wasn’t cancelled, Daniel Semo decided to make an audio story for every day of his hotel quarantine.

#470 A Fluorescent Feeling

Over Three million Australians live with chronic pain. Being in pain can be lonely, boring, scary and frustrating. But what if it could also be beautiful, colourful and textual? What if we could share it with others? 

#469 Pride Prejudice and Pink Bans

Our episode this week is dedicated to exploring how trade unions have been a powerful advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Australia.

#467 Stay At Home Sounds

We’re taking you through a day in lockdown in houses that have now become preschools, schools, universities and workplaces.

#466 Rebel Gods

This week we’re taking you back to Ancient Greece with a story you probably didn’t read about in your school textbook.

#465 Swarm Part Three

for our final instalment of the ‘swarm’ series, we explore the link between jellyfish blooms and climate change, increasing surveillance in our major cities, the world of dating apps and more!