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  • #282 Repeated Collision

    #282 Repeated Collision

    _ We’re dipping into our archives this week to bring you two stories of forces coming together, like a hard wooden cricket bat and a mouth full of baby teeth, or our first story, which takes place on the frontline of a battle between two passionate groups in duck hunting season. ‘Duck Season’ by Leona […]

  • #281 Breasted Experience by Private Parts

    #281 Breasted Experience by Private Parts

    _ Breasted Experience by Beth Gibson “I want you to imagine that one day you get a blank email with an MP3 file with your name on it. You have no idea what’s in the file. You put on your headphones, lie down and press play.” Breasts. They’re pretty hard to miss. But our genuine, […]

  • #280 Family Fingerprints

    #280 Family Fingerprints

    _ “Two hip replacements and a stuffed knee didn’t quite allow him to make it out of the boat. So he was swept out to the open ocean…” Nobody likes thinking about losing their parents or grandparents (including us). So to avoid dwelling on the grief too much, this week we bring you stories about lessons […]

  • #279 If I make it till Monday

    #279 If I make it till Monday

    – “If he went to a home he would have lasted a week. That would have been it, because he wouldn’t have his painting, his music, none of those things.” ‘If I make it till Monday’ by Sally Zwartz For many of us, the idea of turning 100 is a far off, unimaginable and abstract […]

  • #278 Over the neighbour’s fence

    #278 Over the neighbour’s fence

    _ “I’m expecting to join just a handful of other people for the class, but I arrive to find a huge queue, leading up to a hardwood fairy lit space. Turns out this is a serious community. Mostly white, and almost all middle aged and older.” Do you ever pause and fantasise about your neighbours’ lives? […]

  • #1640 I thought this was what you wanted?

    #1640 I thought this was what you wanted?

    _ Does Christmas content in December disturb or excite you? The All The Best team is divided on the issue. Some love riding the Christmas wave all the way to December 25th, others wish they could mute every overbearing TV ad, silly season radio segment, or cheesy holiday movie. In this week’s episode we decided to […]

  • #1639 ATB presents: Contact Mic

    #1639 ATB presents: Contact Mic

    _ This week we’ve got something a little different on the show. At All The Best we love celebrating and showcasing great Australian audio, so we’re handing over the show to our friends at Contact Mic. It’s a monthly podcast made in Melbourne about the things that make us human – like moments of change, […]

  • #1638 Goodbye Comfort Zone

    #1638 Goodbye Comfort Zone

    “I said I’d pass. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared of the dark… But they insisted I did. They said it was tradition.” This week we’re talking about leaving your comfort zone behind and embarking on something new. Facing your fears, rising to the occasion, and then discovering something amazing on the […]

  • #1637 On the other side of the glass

    #1637 On the other side of the glass

    A controversial series of photographs by artist Arne Svenson has been the subject of much discussion lately. In it, Svenson exhibits photos of his neighbours, images he captured without their consent through the windows of their New York apartments. This is more than ethically ambiguous, it’s pretty straight up wrong. But it doesn’t discount our secret […]

  • #1636 Like Oil and Water

    #1636 Like Oil and Water

    Some things mix like oil and water, forever a slippery co-existence stuck in separation. Like an oil spill in the ocean, this mostly ends in disaster and heartbreak, but occasionally – against all odds – two opposites just click. This week we bring you both kinds: stories of operas in bathrooms, unlikely friendships, and love + heartbreak. ‘Chamber Pot […]

  • #1635 Keepsakes Part 2/2

    #1635 Keepsakes Part 2/2

    Last week we heard stories from the keepsake makers, the archivists and the preservers of history, recorded live at our Melbourne listening party, Keepsakes. This week, we’ll hear from the second half of that event. In this episode we’re looking at the magic in nostalgia and reflection when we look back at the things we’ve […]

  • #1634 Keepsakes Part 1/2

    #1634 Keepsakes Part 1/2

    Last month, the Melbourne collective of All The Best held their second ever listening party at the Good Room in Brunswick East. The night was called ‘Keepsakes’ and over the next two weeks we’ll bring you a selection of stories from the event. We’re diving into memories and the objects that remind us of who we […]

  • #1633: Unknown Pleasures

    #1633: Unknown Pleasures

    By this stage of our lives we’ve formed pretty solid ideas of how the world should be, we think we know what we like and what we don’t like. We’re familiar with the streets in our towns and we know the kind of films we like. But for the people in our stories this week, […]

  • #1632: Small Towns of Australia

    #1632: Small Towns of Australia

    This week All The Best is putting small towns on the map as we play tourist around Australia. We visit a tiny sheep farming town where a single classroom hosts Kindy to Year 6, with only 11 students all up. Then we jump on the Trans Australian Rail, stopping off in Cook, South Australia. Not as much […]

  • #1631 LIVE! From the National Young Writers Festival

    #1631 LIVE! From the National Young Writers Festival

    Earlier this month All The Best teamed up with the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle to host a night of Poetry and Music at Vinyl Cafe. We brought musicians and poets together to perform under the theme ‘The Body as a Map’, and the result was a beautiful and spontaneous evening of stories. A […]

  • #1630 It’s a Man Eat Man World

    #1630 It’s a Man Eat Man World

    It’s unpleasant to think that we live in a man eat man world, a society where our actions force us to eat or be eaten. But this week on All The Best, we are taking this expression to the extreme with two slightly unusual stories. ‘Zedtown Dead South’ by Tegan Nicholls Zedtown started out on a […]

  • #1629 Taking Refuge in Recipes

    #1629 Taking Refuge in Recipes

    It’s been said before, but food is full of meaning. It can transcend borders, cultures, language and class. This week on All The Best, we bring you two stories of how peace and refuge were found through the ritual of cooking and eating. ‘A Recipe for Refuge’ by Carly-Anne Kenneally Does the smell of a certain […]

  • #1628 Getting Yours

    #1628 Getting Yours

    “I never did it to you, I knew the pay-back would have been so much worse.” From sibling revenge in the bathroom to parkour street crews in Western Sydney, this week we’re talking about Getting Yours. But that expression can go both ways, sometimes you get what you’ve earned, and sometimes you just get what you deserve. ‘The Last […]

  • #1627 In The Red

    #1627 In The Red

    “When my partner Jason arrived in Australia from the US, I assumed he had a bit of debt. But we never really talked about it. I assumed he was handling it… I was naive.” Debt. It’s not polite conversation, but we’re getting better at talking about it. So this week we decided to bring you stories […]

  • #1626 Back In The Driver’s Seat

    #1626 Back In The Driver’s Seat

    “My neck cracked, and he kept watching me gasp for breath… his head just tilted to the side with a curious look on his face.” This week we’re talking about power and control. In particular, stories of how people who need it most are taking it back. We’re also super excited to introduce you to our new […]

  • #1625 What The Audience Doesn’t See

    #1625 What The Audience Doesn’t See

    Sitting in the darkness of a cinema or the silence of a theatre, audiences are happy to suspend disbelief and be captivated by a performance. And if a show is good enough, rarely do we pause to wonder what might be going on inside the performers’ heads. What’s taking place that we might not be able to see, even from […]

  • #1624 Take the Leap

    #1624 Take the Leap

    “If a group of strangers in the street asked you to jump on a mysterious box, would you take the leap?” This week we meet three people who took a leap into the unknown, not sure where they would land. Griffin Blumer confronts a suspicious cardboard box in the small, spooky town of Tumut. Bethany Atkinson-Quinton brings […]

  • #1623 The Chimeras of Regional Victoria

    #1623 The Chimeras of Regional Victoria

      This week All The Best goes bush, on the hunt for ghosts, dinosaurs and Big Cats. We’re chasing down the chimeras of regional Victoria in two beautiful stories that drive us out of the city and into the shadowy mysteries of the state. ‘Bright Eyes in the Otways’ by Emma Nobel Ever seen a Big Cat […]

  • #1622 What Brought You Here

    #1622 What Brought You Here

    When you cross a passerby on the street, it’s impossible to know their history from one glance. This is especially true in a country as multicultural as Australia, where we often forget the people around us have lived through diverse and interesting lives before getting to this country. This week, we’re asking the question ‘what brought you […]

  • #1621 Eating Elephants

    #1621 Eating Elephants

    Eating an elephant is a mammoth task, so how do you tackle it? Do you eat it bite by bite? Where do you start? When faced with a problem that feels insurmountable, some people are drawn to odd strategies. So this week we’re playing two stories of strange solutions to strange problems. ‘Breaking point’ by Beth Gibson […]

  • #1620 The Hardest Thing (repeat)

    #1620 The Hardest Thing (repeat)

      This week we’re revisiting an old favourite from 2014, a feature documentary we still love about strength, discipline, self determination and football. Produced by Emma Lancaster “The hard work we do here replicates the discipline and the routine we carry out throughout the day, the weeks, the months, and years. If this is the hardest thing you […]

  • #1619 Stuck in limbo

    #1619 Stuck in limbo

    This week on All The Best we’re dealing with the feeling of being stuck in limbo, including the story of a man whose mother’s future is suddenly suspended in uncertainty, forcing him to confront how he views his family. Plus, a look at that confusing, shifting grey space between art and porn, and a sound piece about […]

  • #1618 Standing up, saying something

    #1618 Standing up, saying something

    By Tegan Nicholls Standing up and saying something isn’t easy, and often the things that are the hardest to say are the ones that matter the most. But it’s those who have spoken up in the face of injustice throughout history that we have remembered and celebrated. This week’s episode is a feature length story about […]

  • #1617 Online Identities

    #1617 Online Identities

    It’s 2016, so it’s more than likely you have an online identity. In fact, you may struggle to remember a world without the internet, without a way for your followers to echo your political views, to see what you had for lunch, and to keep up to date on how #blessed you are. But what’s behind the […]

  • #1616 Our Strange Beliefs

    #1616 Our Strange Beliefs

      Alternative opinions can make or break friendships. The big religious or political ones can be as divisive as your favourite song, or your feelings towards Jar Jar Binks. The pressure to explore, explain and justify our beliefs can make it easy to feel defined by the views we hold, especially if they deviate from the status […]

  • #1615 Call centres and glimpses of tragedy

    #1615 Call centres and glimpses of tragedy

      Do you dread the thought of calling your internet service provider? Are you triggered by the butchered sound of Mozart’s Divertimento playing for hours on end as you wait for Centrelink to pick-up? Does an automated options menu repeating monotone instructions test your patience like nothing else? Then you probably know the feeling of a […]

  • #1614 Sydney Unlocked

    #1614 Sydney Unlocked

      The Opera House is easily one of Sydney’s greatest cultural icons, but its beginnings were fraught with political drama and artistic contention. Today, the white sails have become such a recognisable emblem of Sydney that those troubles seem all but forgotten. But to many it feels like the wider Sydney art scene is still […]

  • #1613 Who would have thought?

    #1613 Who would have thought?

      This week, we’re telling stories of fear and trauma, but not the kind you would expect. Two tales about surprising connections that will make you think huh… who would have thought? ‘Holes’ by Beth Gibson Picture lots of little holes. A handful of straws from above. Honeycomb. Petrified wood. Crumpets. Does the thought bother you? If you find the image […]

  • #1612 My name, my identity

    #1612 My name, my identity

      Some people think about it often, while others can forget it’s even there, either way your name is something that ends up defining you – whether you want it to or not. This week, tales of identity from three people with a unique story behind their name. Story from the Never Never River by […]

  • #1611 Her Game

    #1611 Her Game

    By Bethany Atkinson-Quinton This week All The Best devotes a full episode to a podcast series that was released last year, now in full documentary form. Bethany Atkinson-Quinton lives in an AFL state. Like everyone else in Melbourne, she knows the sport is part of Victoria’s identity. Some might even say Australia’s national identity. Yet […]

  • #1610 Your One Beauty

    #1610 Your One Beauty

    By Hannah Reich In a special full-length documentary, producer Hannah Reich explores hair and loss. She meets four women who reveal their intimate relationship with hair, before and after it’s gone. Image: Fiona, provided by Author Supervising producer: Selena Shannon Sound design support from Ariel Gross and Calum Wakeling Music: ‘I want to’ by Best […]

  • #1609 Not Quite Mirror Image

    #1609 Not Quite Mirror Image

      All The Best is brought to you with thanks to Squarespace. Do you ever think about how other people perceive you? How they interpret what you’re putting out into the world? Do you ever think about how different that interpretation might be from your own self perception? In this episode we meet three people, each […]

  • #1608 Journey Through The Past

    #1608 Journey Through The Past

      All The Best is brought to you with thanks to Squarespace. Time to take a journey through the past. In both of these beautiful stories from Melbourne we meet two women, each reflecting on a connection to their old lives and exploring relationships lost. Little Girl Lost by Made Stuchbery Have you ever returned to […]

  • #1607 The Forgotten Wars

    #1607 The Forgotten Wars

      All The Best is brought to you with thanks to Squarespace. Two weeks ago the Daily Telegraph printed a front cover with the confusing headline ‘White Washed’. It alleged that UNSW students were told to refer to Australia as having been ‘invaded’, as opposed to the more palatable ‘settled’. The Daily Telegraph claimed that UNSW […]

  • #1606 Lead Affected

    #1606 Lead Affected

      “I felt betrayed, because I loved Broken Hill and I loved my house and I loved the town, and I loved the streets and I loved everything about it. And to think that my lovely town was poisoning my beautiful baby was heartbreaking.”  Broken Hill sits on the world’s largest known deposit of silver, […]

  • #1605 Temporary Communities

    #1605 Temporary Communities

      This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace Visit a collection of temporary communities in this week’s episode of All The Best. Her Game Producer Bethany Atkinson-Quinton dives into the world of women’s AFL in her new audio series Her Game. The series unpacks how some people experience their gender in the traditionally hyper-masculine world of Australian Rules Football. […]

  • #1604 Doggie

    #1604 Doggie

      Sometimes a radio show just needs to bask in the glory of dogs. Because dogs are great. Open your ears to stories of the unbreakable bond humans have with their four-legged pals, and the lengths some people will go to for an animal they love. Music: ‘808 and Moog Out’ by Podington Bear, ‘Dogs […]

  • #1603 Ew, Gross

    #1603 Ew, Gross

    Whether it’s spiders, smelly feet, or maybe even Donald Trump that sets you off, we all know the feeling. Your stomach is churning, your heart is racing, your face is all screwed up and you just want to go: eeearrrghhhhhhh!!!! Get your vomit bucket ready, because today on All the Best, we’re going feral.  Producer […]

  • #1602 Back From The Brink

    #1602 Back From The Brink

      A man jumps out of a plane. His parachute fails to open. The emergency parachute gets tangled in the ropes of the first. The man plummets to the ground. Emerging research suggests that those who’ve had a near death experience are more compassionate, less materialistic and less afraid of their own mortality. Join us […]

  • #1601 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

    #1601 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

    An episode full of stories that, told at the pub, would trail off with “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time”. Like investing a significant chunk of your nation’s dwindling cash reserves in a musical re-imagining the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, in which Mona Lisa is the love interest who Leo knocks up. […]

  • #1543 One House At A Time

    #1543 One House At A Time

    Today on All the Best, we’re knocking on doors and peering over fences. We chatted to our neighbours to find out who’s having the shortest showers? Who’s switched to solar power? Climate change is often talked about in very big terms. Our planet is at risk, and we need to take huge steps to improve […]

  • #1542 Nothing’s Easy

    #1542 Nothing’s Easy

    Why do you go to the gym? To work out? Because you bought a membership six months ago and it was so expensive you’re kind of guilted into it? Do you catch up with friends? Get a kick out of the endorphins? Or maybe it’s keeping you alive. Maybe it’s one of the main reasons […]

  • #1541 Wish You Were Here

    #1541 Wish You Were Here

    Earlier this month, our Melbourne Collective hosted a listening party with stories and sounds about distance. Last week on the show, we picked up signals from faraway. Today, in Part 2, we’re finding out what happens to the people who stay home. How do you communicate across distance? Can you bridge the gap? Compromise Michael […]

  • Sea hitchhiking in Melbourne

    In 1970, Gabriel Salas had just finished his university studies in Chile and thought he’d try and hitchhike around South America. But what was meant to be your average graduate road trip turned into an adventure across the sea… Take a listen to ‘Sea Hitchhiker’ recorded live at our Melbourne listening party, Oceans Apart: This version […]

  • #1540 Oceans Apart

    #1540 Oceans Apart

    What does distance sound like? Today on All the Best, we’re crossing borders. We’re traversing long distances. We’re picking up signals from faraway. Earlier this month, our Melbourne Collective hosted a listening party with stories and sounds about distance. On the show today, we’re hearing three stories from the night. Ernesto Juan Castellanos An excerpt […]

  • Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

    At our Melbourne listening party a couple of weeks ago, we handed out these postcards. We asked you to write something to send across distance; we wanted to hear what you’d say to someone you haven’t seen in a while, or maybe even the person next to you… Here are a couple we found at […]

  • Thank you, Melbourne!

    A big thank you to everyone who listened in at Oceans Apart last week! We’ll post more photos and audio from the Melbourne Collective’s listening party very soon, so stay tuned on our Facebook page or subscribe to us on iTunes.

  • #1539 Intervention

    #1539 Intervention

    Stories about the knife edge, the moment when you watch something unfold and decide whether or not to intervene. Like Sand A story from Melbourne, about a moment on a metropolitan train. A heads up that this story contains a description of domestic violence, so if that’s triggering for you, you can call 1800 RESPECT […]

  • #1538 Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands

    #1538 Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands

    Duck Season On the opening weekend of the duck hunting season two groups of people converge on a lake in rural Victoria. Each believes in their cause so passionately that they wake up at 4 in the morning to wade into icy water and stand there for hours. Half of them shoot the native wildlife, […]

  • #1537 What Might Have Been

    #1537 What Might Have Been

      You see a familiar face on the street. It’s someone you knew a long time ago. You couldn’t place a name, but you remember being very fond of them. You near each other, your eyes meet, you’re about to pass, you open your mouth, and in a second they are gone, moving onwards in […]

  • #1536 In Your Dreams (SleepTalker collab)

    #1536 In Your Dreams (SleepTalker collab)

      We’re hitting snooze, closing our eyes, and drifting back to sleep with Bec Fary. She’s the host and producer of SleepTalker, the podcast about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. In this special collaboration with All The Best, Bec follows three dreamers into the night to find out how […]

  • #1535 The Fitting Room

    #1535 The Fitting Room

    “You get every kind of story from every kind of woman.  Maybe it’s just taking the bra off, all the secrets come out.” We get a little bit intimate and talk intimate apparel. Bras to be exact. It’s about more than making your boobs look great, for so many women it’s wrapped up in our […]

  • What does distance sound like?

  • #1534 Without Words

    #1534 Without Words

    Listen closely because this week on All The Best we’re weaving our way in and out of the spaces between words and examining the meaning that’s hidden in silence. Think about how much we say without our words. What if you didn’t have words to communicate? What if we just choose not to speak? How would […]

  • #1533 Does That Ever Work For You

    #1533 Does That Ever Work For You

    People who knock on your door asking you to change your religion, or to believe in the impending apocalypse. Infomercials. Pick up lines. Detox diets, click bait and pop up ads. There are things that people try again and again that you think would never work but they must sometimes, or surely people wouldn’t bother. […]

  • #1532 Then It Was Us – Syrian Refugees in Amman

    #1532 Then It Was Us – Syrian Refugees in Amman

      I have a big mission coming in two days and they want to go to Za’atari and I said “If you want to go to Za’atari I will take you to the Dead Sea, and I will take a photo of you at the Dead Sea, because you are coming for tourism. Everybody that […]

  • #1531 Pilgrimage

    #1531 Pilgrimage

    Is there a place you’ve always wanted to go? Something that would be more than a holiday – a journey that you didn’t take to relax, but really to learn something from the way your feet hit the ground, to feel some sort of change at the end? Modern life is full of weird, secular […]

  • #1530 Old Pictures

    #1530 Old Pictures

    Family albums, photos pressed between the pages of a second-hand book, a photo on a postcard, a greying, dog eared picture on Tumblr. Old pictures are full of stories. They’re a window into another world, expressions frozen on faces, clothes just as they were. What can they show us? And what are they hiding?   […]

  • #1529 It All Ends In Death

    #1529 It All Ends In Death

    So it’s all kind of cool when they give you an iPad in a museum and you think “Oh, I didn’t have to download something and maybe I could walk home with this except I think probably not”. Except, that for two of our producers, Lynda and Zacha, this iPad got handed over at the Museum […]

  • #1528 Naked

    #1528 Naked

    Avert your eyes. This week on all the best we’re tackling one of the biggest remaining taboos – getting naked. Because as liberated as you may feel, as comfortable in your own skin, when it comes down to it you pulled a shirt on over your head before trotting off to work today. You probably […]

  • #1527 30 Under 30

    #1527 30 Under 30

    How do the way cities are painted in films affect our relationship with them? How many jokes about labia have you seen in a stand-up show? The Melbourne Writers Festival is turning 30, and to celebrate they’ve highlighted 30 writers under the age of 30 who are doing amazing things. We showcase some of them in […]

  • #1526 Be Strong and Have Courage

    #1526 Be Strong and Have Courage

    “I remember in year 7 especially feeling really different from everyone, classic, and I remember feeling like there was a space where I was more myself than I could be at school.” That place is Hashomer Hatzair, or ‘Hashy,’ a Jewish Socialist Zionist youth movement where producer Hannah Reich spent 10 years as a student […]

  • Volunteer Positions: Community Coordinator + SYN Production Manager

    We’ve got a couple of vacancies for excellent radio heads, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Any questions, do get in touch. Community Coordinator: Sydney All the Best is recruiting a volunteer Community Coordinator, based at FBi in Sydney. Pip Rasmussen has been doing fantastic job the past two years, but she’s focusing on […]

  • #1525 Past in the Present

    #1525 Past in the Present

    It’s easy to think of time as a continuum – what is done is done, what is past is past, the future holds only new stories and possibilities. The problem with that is, it ignores all the detritus the past speckles through the present. What do sea shanties, a cassette player and a broken heart have in […]

  • #1524 Same Love

    #1524 Same Love

    Last week the US Supreme Court overturned a whole bunch of state bans on gay marriage and ruled that same sex couples have a constitutional right to get married. It’s a big step forward for the US and marks a change in momentum for the LGBTIQA community worldwide. So today on All The Best, we’re […]

  • #1523 ‘Limits’ – EWF Special

    #1523 ‘Limits’ – EWF Special

    What happens when you send seven writers and seven producers to Docklands and force them to make a radio for a whole day? Well, it’s interesting. All the Best teamed up with the Emerging Writers Festival to develop new stories on the theme ‘limits’ and this is what they created. We were at the city […]

  • #1522 Permanence

    #1522 Permanence

    Permanence is often something sought after rather than a reality. Humans crave permanence – a steady income, a permanent home, a permanent companion. We ink permanence onto our skin, carve our lovers names into padlocks, throw away keys and make vows using words like forever. But very few realities can meet our expectations of permanence. […]

  • #1521 Listener to Participant

    #1521 Listener to Participant

    This week on All the Best, we present stories from the PBS Collaborative Radio Project. These pieces come from new radio makers from emerging, refugee or asylum seeker communities, who teamed up with radio mentors to make original stories.   The stories featured are some of those produced through the project, which is the result […]

  • #1520 Go Play Outside

    #1520 Go Play Outside

    Do you remember climbing a tree as a kid? Running through the bush in the dark, feeling leaves and twigs crunch beneath your feet, your torch out of battery? Did you leap up to grab at the monkey bars even though your arms were too short to make it? It seems that in a few […]

  • #1519 War Stories

    #1519 War Stories

    When we sent troops to fight in World War I the federated Australia was 13 years old. We thought we were invincible and we had something to prove, like most 13 year olds do. At the end of World War II we still didn’t know who we were. We clung to the idyllic myth of […]

  • JOB: All the Best State Coordinator, Melbourne

    We’re looking for a new State Coordinator to be based at 3RRR in Melbourne. This person will be responsible for maintaining a community of All the Best contributors at 3RRR and coordinating Melbourne-based content with the national All the Best team and the SYN Coordinator. They should be passionate about radio documentaries and audio storytelling, and obsessive about podcasting. […]

  • #1518 Ayahuasca

    #1518 Ayahuasca

    Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew historically and traditionally used by shamans in the Amazon basin to gain access to the spirit world. In the past decade more and more tourists are travelling to Peru to drink ayahuasca in hopes of having an enlightening experience. But what does it mean when a cultural practice is commodified […]

  • #1517 The Sea Told Slant

    #1517 The Sea Told Slant

      “While I was listening for what wasn’t being said about the boats that weren’t being talked about, I also begun to pay attention to those that were. Boats that went down in Uganda, Bangladesh, South Korea, in lakes, oceans and rivers. Cruises, tankers, yachts and ferries.” For centuries, the sea has inspired stories. Songs, […]

  • #1516 Only A Whale (repeat)

    #1516 Only A Whale (repeat)

    “These are animals that are even larger than some of the dinosaurs we’re so excited about. and they’re travelling through water they’re going up and down they’re jumping they’re splashing about.. And it’s all these things that change the ocean.” The start of May means the start of whale watching season. Look out off the […]

  • Older women and street harassment

    Older women and street harassment

    The artwork accompanying our latest episode #1515 A Walk in the Park, is by Melbourne feminist artist Stephanie Freda Leigh.  It’s a text-based projection, near her home in Melbourne’s suburbs. Apart from being heart-in-throat effective to look at, the artwork also brought another aspect of street harassment to our attention. Here’s Stephanie talking about the first […]

  • #1515 A Walk In The Park

    #1515 A Walk In The Park

      When 17-year-old Masa Vukotic was murdered in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster while out for a walk in a park near her house, the Victorian Homicide Squad Chief responded to the tragedy by suggesting this: “…people, particularly females, they shouldn’t be alone in parks…I’m sorry to say that is the case.” And it hit […]

  • #1514 Grapes of Ridicule

    #1514 Grapes of Ridicule

    What are you looking for when you buy a bottle of wine? If you’re alone do you reach for the cleanskin? If you’re sharing it with friends maybe you want something a bit more fancy, a wine to show off, mark you as someone who knows their shit. If you’re taking it to your parents […]

  • #1513 Things and Stuff

    #1513 Things and Stuff

    Do you have too much stuff? Clutter, collections, clothes, books, toys, old stuff, new stuff? This week on All the Best we look at the complicated relationship humans have with the things they own. We meet a woman who left behind all her things and life in the city to live in the New South […]

  • #1512 Quiet Please

    #1512 Quiet Please

    Do you still use a library? Last time you went to the library did you actually borrow a book? These days, libraries hum with computers, and provide meeting spaces and work stations. They’re full of magazines, DVDs, graphic novels, activities. It’s kinda hard to put your finger on what a modern library even is now. […]

  • #1511 That Girl (repeat)

    #1511 That Girl (repeat)

    “I didn’t want to be That Girl Who Had An Abortion, because I’m not… When you look at the statistics, there are many of those girls.” We have so many conversations about abortion, but most of the time they’re abstract and political, they’re not about the lived experiences and choices of women who’ve terminated a pregnancy. A […]

  • #1510 In A Day

    #1510 In A Day

    A lot can happen in one day. Everything can change, or nothing can. Some days are special and some days are so completely ordinary that we can tell them apart from the others. On one day this month, 24 hours at the beginning of March, we sent All the Best producers out in search of […]

  • #1509 Where Are The Women?

    #1509 Where Are The Women?

    “I cannot believe you’ve put a woman on the radio like this. You know that women get their periods and then don’t make as much sense as men. You’ve made a massive mistake.” Why aren’t there more women on the radio? It’s a debate that’s been raging for as long as radio has existed. Is […]

  • A Way With Words

    In this week’s episode we hear stories about the ways that activists and marginalised people are using a new artform with an ancient history to get their voices across. We met poets who run workshops in jails and schools, a young woman writing and fighting for her community in Arnhem Land, and some social housing […]

  • #1508 A Way With Words

    #1508 A Way With Words

    Some things are harder to say than others. The most important things to say, messages you really want to get across, can be boring and complicated. Or you might not feel comfortable saying them at all. There are people all over Australia learning to express themselves using poetry -and not the kind you learned in […]

  • #1507 Legal Walls

    #1507 Legal Walls

    Access to the law is something it’s easy to take for granted – if there’s an injustice, if you are wronged, we’re taught to believe that the law has the ability to make that wrong right again. In 1977, the lack of affordable legal service options for disadvantaged and marginalised people led to the opening […]

  • #1506 Best Practice

    #1506 Best Practice

    A lot of us trust our doctors to make us healthy, or at least to cure our illnesses. But can they make us happy? According to the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health, one in two Australians will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives. Research organisations and support networks like […]

  • #1505 Baby Teeth

    #1505 Baby Teeth

    It’s wobbling, and you can’t help but push at it with your tongue, making it bend gum-ward so the gnarled roots scratch at the inside of your mouth. It’ll be out soon, and you’ll put it next to your pillow and wake up the next morning to find a single gold coin in it’s place. […]

  • #1504 Portrait of a Policy

    #1504 Portrait of a Policy

      Caitlin Doyle-Markwick meets 3 men who are living on some of the 29, 564 bridging visas issued since 2011, when the then Labor government announced that asylum seekers would increasingly be placed in the community while their claims were processed. Initially welcomed by refugee supporters because of the harmful psychological effects of long-term detention, Caitlin discovers […]

  • #1503 Turn Your Back

    #1503 Turn Your Back

      Murrumu Last year, All the Best contributor Selena Shannon sat down with a man who formally renounced his Australian citizenship. Under the UN’s convention against statelessness, governments cannot allow this to happen, and so a desire to cancel your only citizenship is not legal or recognised in Australia. But Murrumu may just have found […]

  • #1502 No Pets Allowed

    #1502 No Pets Allowed

    This week on All the Best – people who own pets in circumstances you might not expect. Man’s Best Friend More families is Australia have a dog than any other pet. Step outside and you’ll probably hear one, if not from your backyard then from someone else’s. But what happens if there’s a religious law on […]

  • #1501 Islands

    #1501 Islands

    The weather is warm, the sky is blue, and you have to go back to work. Look, we agree, it sucks. This week we’ll try and drag the holiday out a bit longer, and take you on an island holiday. Three, in fact. We’ll take you south to South-Western Victoria, to a tall, flat island […]

  • #1444 What Is Cool?

    #1444 What Is Cool?

    What defines “cool”? Is pop music cool? Or vintage vinyl? Is wearing grandma’s doily as a reworked cardigan cool? Or is that daggy? What makes something cool, and who decides when its time is over? When you were little, the answers to these questions were easy. Obvious, even. You knew with so much certainty that […]

  • #1443 Christmas Again

    #1443 Christmas Again

    Back in 2011 ghost of All The Best past Eliza Sarlos and her partner hashed out what Christmas would look like for their brand new family, right here on the show. We decided to check back in – when does the tree go up? What goes on it? Importantly, does their little boy leave a […]

  • #1442 In The Air

    #1442 In The Air

    You walk down the aisle, trying not to whack anyone in the head with your carry on, dodging elbows hoisting things into the overhead locker, receiving passive aggressive glares when you pause to check your seat number. You take your seat, mad that you got the window because you won’t be able to get out […]

  • A Cheesey Date

    When Bambi Smyth, author of ‘Men on the Menu’, found herself on a first date with Christian in Frankfurt, Germany, the local delicacy ‘Handkäse’ threatened to spoil her decorum. Bambi spoke to producer Bec Fary for All the Best’s ‘Food and Memory’ episode. Music credits: ‘Funeral March For a Marionette’ by Ergo Phizmiz, from the […]

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