#1841 Coming and Going

It’s Spring and some of us find a certain wanderlust in the air. We explore our comings and goings from the places we love. We’ll also be asking ourselves why we come and go in the first place.

Love Letter to a City by Eugenia Zoubtchenko

Have you ever fallen in love with a city? Eugenia explores the relationships between people and place: from the rush of first love, to the mess of making it work, and even a desire to leave.

Music: ‘Lumbaya Püf De’ by Galata Express

Supervising Producers: Allison Chan and Bec Fary

Additional thanks to Andrew Reynolds and Katy Hawkins

The Dream of Return by Devana Senanayake

This is a story about coming, going, and coming back. Meet four immigrants who share their concept of home and how the dream compares to the reality.

You can also hear the first and second story in The Modern Odyssey series.

Music: ‘Visions of Light’  – E Glennie / B Gleddin / Chris Bussey, ‘Cold Frame’  – R Lacy / E Lacy, ‘Alpha Level’ – T. Devine King / E Glennie, ‘Counterclockwise’ – M Levine, ‘Day And Night’ – P. Ressel, ‘Gold Figures’ – T. Devine-King, ‘Black Ice’ – D Pittock, ‘Celestial Sphere’ – T Devine King, ‘Seahorses’ – E Glennie / B Gleddin / Chris Bussey, ‘Entwine’ – R Lacy / S Elizabeth Lacy / D Bird / J Lacy

Sound Designer: Gregory J Thorsby

Supervising Producers: Selena Shannon, Sarah Mashman and Allison Chan.

Additional thanks to Leila Cariddi of Multicultural Arts Victoria and 3CR in Melbourne.

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Image: Unsplash CC: Gilly

Music: ‘Thank u, next’ – Ariana Grande

#1732 Door knocking

Time to go off road. Jump the fence. Peak into some houses slated for demolition, or explore a well-known old building that’s home to the little-known story of an unsolved crime. This week we’re knocking on the doors of homes, buildings and stories that might not be around forever.

‘Suburban Decay’ by Britta Jorgensen

More than 2000 people queued up on a drizzly Melbourne weekend to see an abandoned house in the leafy suburb of Alphington July this year.

On top of crumbling plaster and behind boarded up windows, street artist Rone had painted his giant, iconic “Jane Doe” murals on the walls of the weatherboard house due to be demolished to make way for a new housing development.

The Omega Project speaks to the fragile, temporary and empty spaces of Melbourne and the traces of life left behind.

Music: ‘Black Eyed Susan’ by Podington Bear

‘George and Lola’ by Eugenia Zoubtchenko

What’s it like to watch the city change from your living-room window? George and Lola are in their 90’s and still live in one of Melbourne’s oldest buildings – a ramshackle cottage in Melbourne’s CBD. Lola’s lived there for nearly a century, and in that time the house has been a theatre, a tea shop and a historic home on the verge of collapse.

Supervising producer: Bec Fary

‘M.U.B’ by Made Stuchbery

Made often walks past the beautiful Manchester Unity Building but has never been inside. This week she decides to poke around.


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Image by Flickr Creative Commons user ‘ccdoh1’